Warrior Forum: What Makes it SO Special?! (Reviewed)

Howdy, welcome to my review of the Warrior Forum!

Is the community really the #1 “go-to” place for Internet and Affiliate Marketers of all experience levels?

Or is it just blowing smoke up its own ass?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to jump into THIS review…

Warrior Forum Review
Quick Overview

Name: Warrior Forum (WF).

Website: warriorforum.com (visit website).

Cost: Free membership or 30-day free trial for Premium War Room & then it’s $7.99/month. Plus extra fees if you wanna advertise.

Owner: Allen Says.

My Score: 6/10.

Verdict: If you lack direction when it comes to starting and growing an online business

The Warrior Forum can be a great cost-effective community for finding the right expert help you need.

In addition, I think ‘WF’ is an awesome platform for established online Biz owners to make their mark by contributing and posting offers.

However, the only real downsides to the forum are that newbies will feel massively overwhelmed by the sea of information.

And secondly, you have to watch out for the offer and classified section because there’s a lot of hyped-up stuff you can fall for as a noob.

But before diving into this FULL review…

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What’s The Warrior Forum All About, Huh?

The Warrior Forum is basically a collection of discussion boards for marketers with all levels of experience in the online business arena.

Whether you need expert help, you wanna support members with your own expertise or simply share your 2 cents worth on specific topics…

You’re welcome to join the party.

But you must be willing to accept the help of experts and also leave your ego at the door as a seasoned pro yourself.

Because nobody likes a hot head, right?

Inside the community, there are numerous subjects consisting of literally thousands of member threads and posts on:

In addition, there’s a special offer marketplace (WSO) for Warriors to create and sign up for special deals that are exclusive to the community.

You can’t beat a good bargain on the web – especially when it comes to internet marketing resources, I tell ya!

But play by the rules of the discussion platform or you’ll easily get the boot (as some marketers have already discovered).

I’d also like to share another word of caution:

Unfortunately, some marketers do write “biased” and “hyped up” reviews of  ‘Make Money Online’ programs – some of which are crap!

So do ensure to tread carefully inside ‘WF’, especially if you’re a novice. Otherwise, you run the risk of flushing cash down the toilet.


What Do You Get Access to as a Member of The Warrior Forum?

Once you enter your credentials to join ‘WF’, you’ll gain access to the following community features:


The Forum – The Real Meat & Potatoes

OK, this is the most obvious one LOL.

Warrior Forum Threads

Click to Enlarge.

As a community member, you have the opportunity to:
  • View boards
  • Read threads + topics
  • And discover training and tools for various online marketing methods that can help you to build a successful Biz and earn an income.

But from a newbie perspective, things can get overwhelming.

So from my experience, it’s best to break down the info intake into bite-sized chunks and learn as you go along day-by-day.

Because it’s not a race to become an “expert” marketer ASAP – it takes time, effort, and patience to reach that level.


Warrior Special Offers (WSO) & Classifieds – Tread Carefully Here

Discover a sea of member offers on tools, training sites, programs and opportunities that help you to make money on the web.

But like I briefly discussed – the problem is, there is too much hype and too many easy type of income offer posts.

If you do come across “too good to be true” stuff from affiliates inside the community…

Then do a Google search for unbiased and truthful reviews of the products/services beforehand.

Because you’ll find the biased reviews are ALWAYS from affiliates looking to easily turn a buck – even if the products are shoddy.

Unfortunately, there are numerous peeps with no morals online, so tread with caution.


The War Room – Prepare For Battle!

Well, not literally, of course. 😛

This resource enables you to Super-charge your web-based business with all the essentials you need in various areas.

Some millionaire internet marketing superstars will teach you everything they know on:

In addition, you can access hundreds of cool free tools, plugins, and software to grow your business.

Basically, the whole shebang.

But be warned, some strategies aren’t always cost effective to implement – especially when it comes to sales funnels.

So ensure you have some spare funds before diving in head first.


What Level of Support is Available Inside The Warrior Forum?

This may be a ridiculous question for me to ask since it’s a “forum”. DUH! LOL.

But on a more serious note, there are several options available for member assistance.

  1. There’s the FAQ page to browse through
  2. Send an email to the help team: support@warriorforum.com
  3. There are forum support threads for help, suggestions & also news (as shown below):

Help and Support

Click to Enlarge.

So you’re certainly not gonna be going short of support, I assure you that.

Especially when the forum is continually active around the clock – since peeps are from different time zones around the globe.


How Much Does The Warrior Forum Cost?

There are a couple of membership options available to get you started with the ‘WF’ community.

Free membership grants you access to the community discussions.

The 30-day free Premium War Room trial, followed by $7.99 per month gives you:

  • Recordings of the expert internet marketers
  • Hundreds of marketing courses
  • 100s of tools and resources
  • Premium member benefits

In my opinion, $8/month is well worth the investment for the War Room. It’s a bargain and a half!

In addition, if you want to post a classified ad, it will cost you $20 a pop.

And if you want to bump your ad to the top of the classified listings when it slips down, it will cost you another $20 per ad.

‘WF’ also gives you the option to make any of your ads sticky. This will cost you an EXTRA $50 per ad.

Unfortunately, you can easily get carried away with posting ads/offers and splashing out a lot of money if you’re not careful.

The other downside is you get no refunds once you’ve posted your ads or made them sticky.

Once your ad is active, the fee is final.

Trust me, I tried to get a refund due to running an offer that I changed my mind about… and it was tough cookies.


PROS & CONS of The Warrior Forum


  • Sign up to the community for free
  • Choose topics to view in your member feed
  • Get expert help from real online Entrepreneurs
  • A marketplace of daily special money saving offers
  • A collection of the best money making tools & resources
  • The opportunity to post new topics and join in conversations
  • Create relationships and build your authority
  • Create a signature to promote your online business
  • You can pay to advertise your stuff
  • Request (WF) help & support


  • Free membership is extremely limited
  • Too many threads & posts = information overload
  • Some discussion boards are private unless you upgrade to the War Room
  • Some trashy MLM opportunities are reviewed/promoted by some members
  • Posting classified ads can work out a costly experience
  • No refunds are given when posting classifieds


Final Opinion: Is The Warrior Forum Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs UpIn my opinion, the Warrior Forum is a great online marketing resource when it comes to the help, training, and tools you need from the experts.

Who wouldn’t turn down assistance from real internet Entrepreneurs, huh?

I also love the fact that you can try the War Room Premium membership for a full 30 days before you’re charged a monthly fee (which isn’t much anyway).

However, there is an ugly flip-side to the ‘WF’.

There is far too much information in the forum for any one person to handle.

Yeah, knowledge = power, but too much of it at once will lead to “info-overload”.

A lot of information intake fries the brain and holds you back from making progress with an online Biz.

Plus, there are a number of other costs on top of your membership fee that can quite easily rack up.

The Bottom Line: ‘WF’ is LEGIT and I recommend it. But just be cautious of the hype.

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Your Friend Neil 😀

If you have any questions or experiences with the ‘WF’, that you’d like to share – we’d LOVE to hear your feedback below…


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