Who The Heck is Russell Brunson? Let’s Take a Peek!

OK, so you’ve been looking into the concept of sales funnels and/or internet marketing, in general – and you wanna know more on the guy behind the Super Hero mask, that is, Clickfunnels, right?

Who is Russell Brunson and just what is this dude all about, hey?
Russell Brunson The Founder of ClickFunnels
To discover all the answers you need, dive right into this review-type of article, my fellow Entrepreneur in the making! 😉


Let’s Turn Back The Hands of Time…

Going back to his childhood days, Russell, just a 12-year-old kid, became addicted to direct response marketing and junk mail after watching a late-night infomercial on “how to make money from little classifies ads” – which led to him purchasing a product.

Yeah, I know, not exactly the Lego, Transformers, action figures, and Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros addictions you were kinda hoping to hear about lol.

But in Russell’s ‘DotCom Secrets’ book, he says that was the night that put the wheels in motion for him and his new journey to entrepreneurship.

Throughout Russell’s high school days, he became a kick-ass wrestler which taught him some moral values on hard work and beating his competitors’.
Russell Brunson as a High School Wrestler
At college, he tasted his first real success in the “Digital Marketing” arena when he sold DVDs to folks who wanted to learn how to make potato guns. YUP, Potato Guns!

This then paved the way for bigger success when Russell fully immersed himself into internet marketing – where he sold things, like supplements, coaching products, and t-shirts, to name a few.

Heck, he even crushed it with various Network Marketing business opportunities that also won him a sleek Italian beauty…

YUP, a Ferrari!

Wowzers Bowsers!

What did you think I meant? 😛

Learn more about Russell and how he built a $360M SaaS business on Forbes here.

And all the challenges and teething problems Russell faced whilst making a heck of a lot of money online, led to the birth of…

Drum roll, please…

The one…

The only…


ClickFunnels! “You’re Just One Funnel Away”…

ClickFunnels Sales Funnel Software
In 2014, Russell, along with his partner named Todd Dickerson, brought ClickFunnels to life which is basically funnel building software for helping Biz owners to market and sell their products effectively.

But ClickFunnels isn’t just any funnel software, it’s recognized as THE best and most popular funnel creator, and also THE fastest growing self-funded software company on the entire planet!

Did you know in the space of just 3 years, Russell and Todd’s software has brought in over 55,000 customers and $100,000,000 per year?!

Incredible, right?

But do you wanna know something that’s totally insanely mind-blowing?

At the 2018 ’10X Growth Conference’ just gone, Russell delivered a 90-minute stage presentation to a room of 9,000 attendees, that packed a powerful punch because his talk generated a staggering $3.2 MILLION in ClickFunnels sales!

1 in 9 people within that room bought into Russell and his software!

And guess what else?

He’s just put together a brand new training product that shows you the exact secret sauce recipe he used on stage to rake in those gigantic sales and profits, that you can also implement into your Biz…

==> Go Here For Info on The ’10X Secrets Masterclass’!


OK, back to the main man, Russell…


Discover 10 Fun Facts on Mr. Brunson…

Did you know?

#1: Russell was born on March 8th, 1980, which makes him 38 years old and also a Pisces.

YES, I’m 10 months younger than Mr. B! LOL.

#2: At school, he was a state champion wrestler and also came second in the country high school nationals.

#3: Russell is a Mormon. So yeah, he’s religious. But that’s all I’ve got on the topic.

#4: He married his college sweetheart (Collette Brunson), they have 5 kids and reside in Boise Idaho, USA.
Russell Brunson With His Wife and Kids 
#5: According to sources, Brunson’s net worth is $35 – $40 million!

#6: Russell gives back for awesome causes. For every sales funnel that goes live inside ClickFunnels, he donates $1 to help build schools in Kenya. He calls it “Village Impact”.
Russell Brunson Helping a Charitable Cause
He’s also got another project on the go called “Operation Underground Railroad” in order to put a stop to child sex trafficking as well as slavery across the globe.

#7: Russell sold 92,000+ copies of his ‘DCS’ book and another 100,000+ copies of his ‘Expert Secrets’ book!

#8: Despite folks searching for Russell on Wikipedia, he DOESN’T actually have a page. Bummer! But in my opinion, he totally deserves one.

#9: Russell has a following of over 1 million entrepreneurs and has helped to create over 200 millionaires who are also members of his ‘2 Comma Club’.

#10: He charges $200,000 for speaking engagements or collects 50% from back of room sales. Sheesh!

But then again, he is the world’s #1 expert at what he does.


My Final Thoughts on Russell Brunson

OK, some might consider Mr.B as a fraud for selling overpriced software and products, etc.

But I’ve been following this guy (in a non-stalkerish way lol) for a couple of years, and he’s a genuine marketing expert who delivers true VALUE in all of his products.

I should know, since I’ve bought a fair few of his invaluable training items.

While Russell may also be like Marmite (you either LOVE him or HATE him), the truth of the matter is that he HELPS folks to create hugely profitable businesses.

That’s the bottom line. Period.

And for that reason alone, folks should love the dude! Not to mention the ladies may be drawn to his boyish good looks and charm 😉 lol.

But before you dash off, I highly recommend you check out even MORE of Russell’s stuff because he certainly goes to great lengths to help peeps just like YOU:

Thanks for dropping in, Neil.

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on how Russell has helped you to crush it with your Biz – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…

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