Earn At Home Club Review: (Why It’s a Dirty SCAM!)

Welcome to my review of the Earn At Home Club!

If you’re wondering why it’s nothing but a lousy scam that’s not gonna work for a buck from home, then you’re at the right place!

Dive into this honest and unbiased post for the lowdown on the so-called money-maker…

Why Earn At Home Club is a Scam Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Earn At Home Club.

Website: earnathomeclub.com/rb/main.php.

Cost: $1 for a 3-day trial. $39/month for membership + another $29/month for Facebook training.

Owner: Jennifer Becker (just a stage name).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: Don’t hand over your credit card info and become another victim of this online work from home scam.

With its numerous red flag warnings, I highly suggest you avoid if you wanna save yourself the headache of dealing with the bank.

But before reading this FULL review…

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What is Earn at Home Club All About?

Earn at Home Club (EAHC) promotes another one of those typical “single mom success stories”.

Jennifer Becker claims to make thousands of dollars every month from her computer during her free time…

And without hardly lifting a finger and selling any products online whatsoever, etc.
Jennifer Becker The Scam Artist
It seems as though Jennifer is an extremely popular lady.

Because, her story is also featured on the A to Z Cash System and My Home Cash System scam websites.

If you’ve ever come across ‘Mary Stevens‘…

She’s another stay at home mom who has “apparently” made an absolute fortune from doing very little work on the web.

Her BS story is very similar to Jennifer’s.

Unfortunately, in the ‘home working opportunity’ niche, there are a lot of these fabricated stories in circulation that use fake identities and photos from stock photo websites.

The images can be bought on the cheap, and let’s face it, anyone can quickly put together a short story on the web.

Back to ‘EAHC’ – What does the home working system entail?

When you’re directed to the main sales page…

It comes across as a legit digital marketing training system.

One, that doesn’t require any skills and is designed to make you “$397 per day” with just a computer and a connection to the web.

However, what isn’t explained to you are the computer tasks involved for making money from home.

Whether, it’s Affiliate Marketing, MLM or Drop Shipping, there’s just no indication. So it’s a red flag to be cautious of.


Who is Earn At Home Club Aimed at?

Jennifer’s system is geared towards the type of lazy person wanting to easily accumulate an abundance of money rapidly from the comfort of their sofa.

Basically, for “get-rich-quick” seekers.

Unfortunately, generating a boat load of cash isn’t as quick and simple as folks want it to be.

Making tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year is achievable IF you’re learning from a legitimate training platform…

And you also have access to effective tools and the right internet marketing support group.

But it’s also gonna take you a long period of spadework to grow a successful business on the web for financial freedom.

However, this is something that shady product creators fail to share with newbies because they know their profits will be down lol.


Spotting The Red Flags With ‘EAHC’

When it comes to any online scam, you can bet your bottom dollar there are red flags.

Not all warnings are the same because some hoaxes like to mix things up.

But the signs can easily be spotted if you have your head screwed on properly and do your research online before parting with a single penny.

With ‘EAHC’, I picked up on the following red flags:


#1: Fake Member Testimonials

There are a number testimonials from members claiming it’s “the best thing since sliced bread”.
Earn At Home Club Fake Member Testimonials
Except, there two problems: No mention of the computer tasks, and also boasting that’s “too good to be true”.

In addition, photos can easily be bought from istock photo websites, and convincing stories also made up.

Furthermore, if you try to locate the names of those members on social media, they are non-existent.

So I urge you not to trust the testimonials.


#2: Fake Urgency Tactics

When you enter your info for supposedly “checking availability”, there’s not only a countdown timer.

But if you click back to leave the page, you will see a “WAIT, LAST CHANCE!” offer.

Scammers always implement urgency tactics into sales pages because they know just how effective it is.

I can guarantee, the next time you access the sales page, you’ll still be told it’s your last chance to grab the product.

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#3: Too Good to be True Cost

Only $1 is required to get started with your membership when you hit the back button, but it’s only for a 3-day trial.

After that, you will pay $39 per month.
Fake 1 Dollar Cost
In addition, you receive 10 days of free access to Facebook training which leads to a further monthly cost of $29 after your trial period.

‘EAHC’ claims that you can cancel your membership at any time.

But the truth is they’re taking you for a ride because there’s nobody on the other side to contact for cancellations or refunds.

The $1 fee is simply used as a “bait and switch” tactic for your credit card details and money in “their” pockets.

When was the last time you bought such a life-changing product for $1?



#4: Get Rich Quick Claims

This is a topic I’ve already briefly discussed with you.

But the program makes false promises of making $397 in daily income very easily without hardly any effort.

Yeah, right!

Any program giving you “exact” big income digits and claiming it’s so “easy” to do is a system that’s a teller of lies and aimed at the lazy bum asses.

It will take time and heaps of elbow grease for 400 dollar days.

Trust me, I know because I’m an affiliate marketer myself.


Final Thoughts on The Earn At Home Club Scam…

A Big Thumbs Down‘EAHC’ is an utter sham!

Not only does the system fail to clearly specify the tasks to be carried out on your computer.

But it also deceives you with fake testimonials, techniques for convincing you to punch in your credit card details, and fake “get rich quick” promises.

Any work from home system coming across as something that was devised in the land of make-believe shouldn’t be trusted.

So what should you do now as a newbie?

The answer awaits below…


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or experiences with ‘EAHC’ that you’d love to share? Please comment below…



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