WAH EDU Review: (Another Pesky SCAM to Avoid?)

Welcome to my honest review of WAH EDU!

On the sales page, it comes across as the best thing since sliced bread.

But is it really an awesome way to make money online or just a scam to avoid like the plague?

If you’re looking for a truthful answer, then continue reading…

WAH EDU Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: WAH EDU (aka Work At Home Education).

Website: wahedu.com.

Cost: $97 + $100s in additional fees.

Owner: Michelle Robinson (a fabricated character).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: Scam.


WAH EDU is supposed to be a legit product offering you the opportunity to make money online.

But sadly, it’s not the case because people get nothing for their money and even no refunds either – as you’ll see from the complaints in THIS review.

It seems the only person raking in the dough is the unethical individual who hides behind an alias called “Michelle Robinson”.

So don’t get sucked in by this scam or you’ll end up out-of-pocket like others.

But before getting stuck into this review…

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What is WAH EDU All About?

WAH EDU (WAHE) claims to be “the nets top educational program.”

Apparently, the platform has been designed to help you learn about the concept of Internet Marketing

And how to succeed with an online business, in only 60 minutes per day.

But from my extensive research into the membership site, I’ve discovered that it’s nothing more than a pesky scam.

Unfortunately, Michelle Robinson is a fictitious lady (perhaps invented by the same fraudsters who constructed the name ‘Mary Stevens‘ and possibly other characters).

That’s not all, because there are a number of member complaints against ‘WAHE’ for theft.

And to top that off, I’ve also found other replicated sites created by the same tricksters.

See two examples I found:

Work At Home Institute.
Work At Home Institute Scam Website
Stay At Home Revenue.
Stay At Home Revenue Scam Website


Other Rehashed Brands Include:

Online Home Careers University, Autopilot Income System, Work At Home University, and WAH REV, to name a handful.

This is just the tip of the iceberg because there could be hundreds of these duds floating around on the net.

It seems that one ripoff site isn’t enough for Miss. Robinson, so she’s created many versions.

Now, when it comes to a “legitimate” training program, it will use only ONE website, not several replicas.

For example; like 12 Minute Affiliate and Commission Hero, to name a couple of legit programs.

But you’ll find with scam artists, that if their crappy product is receiving too much heat (complaints and negative reviews)…

They’ll simply create more of the same using various domains and sales pages.

Trust me, when it comes to lining their pockets with bundles of money…

They go to great lengths to swindle folks just like you, out of hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

To them, you’re an effortless “meal ticket”.

Check out even more trash I’ve recently reviewed:

I’m not gonna go too crazy because I just wanna show you examples of the hyped-up crap you must avoid online.


Who Does The WAH EDU Scam Target?

It’s intended for those who want to start off with learning the basics of Internet Marketing and working their way up to building a successful Biz.

It’s for anyone who has access to the web and wants to make money. So basically, most of the world can participate lol.

But don’t be fooled because however enticing the program is, it’s not gonna deliver on its promises.

The real intention is to rope in lazy “get-rich-quick” seekers, take their money, and offer no refunds when the scam gets called out.

This leads to the next part…


How Much is it to Join WAH EDU?

The initial joining fee is a one-time payment of $97, but this is just a front-end fee to lure you into the program.

Once you’re a member, ‘WAHE’ puts pressure on you to invest $100s more in upsells.

In fact, there was one case of somebody losing a staggering $4,000…

On what should have been a one-on-one coaching service with an expert in the Internet Marketing field.

Now that’s one expensive “non-existent” upgrade, leaving somebody’s bank account depleted.


No doubt the scammer on the receiving end of that cash has enjoyed a fair few slap-up steak dinners.

Wouldn’t you agree?


See Some WAH EDU SCAM Complaints Made…

Having searched various sites, I’ve found numerous complaints from bitter members who had invested and lost money with the scam…

Not just with ‘WAHE’ but also with other duplicates.

Below are examples of folks venting on the internet, and quite rightly so.

A BBB complaint made against ‘WAHE’.
WAH EDU Customer Scam Complaint
Another disappointed person complaining about ‘WAH University’ on scambook.com.
WAH University Customer Scam Complaint
Wouldn’t you be p*ssed off if you lost nearly $100 on a hoax?

I know I certainly would!

If you visit sites like Better Business Bureau, Ripoff Report, Warrior Forum, and even read reviews, etc…

You will uncover a whole heap of complaints on ‘WAHE’ and other programs that follow in its footsteps.




  • A great example of the trash to steer well clear of


  • The owner uses a stage name
  • Lots of member scam complaints online
  • Mickey Mouse upsells to steal your cash
  • You’ll not get your money back
  • There’s no support available
  • You won’t make a single cent online


Final Opinion on The WAH EDU Scam…

If you take the plunge with WAH EDU or any of its replica websites…

You’re gonna lose your $97 + upsell fees, quicker than you can say, “Jack Robinson!”

With the number of complaints from numerous people who have already been there, tried it, and got the tee shirts…

You can bet your sweet bippy that if you get sucked in by ‘WAHE’, Michelle Robinson will chew you up and spit you out.

One last thing you should bear in mind is if you do submit your details to ‘WAHE’…

You can expect calls and emails from not only 3rd parties trying to sell you horse sh*t.

But the swindlers behind the program may also call to persuade you to invest $1,000s in valueless mentoring from the so-called “experts”.

To put it bluntly, ‘WAHE’ is a con trick to avoid at all costs.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts on ‘WAHE’, that you’d like to get off your chest? We’d LOVE to hear your feedback below…



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