2Day Profits Review: (Will You Make $586 TODAY?)

A huge welcome to my unbiased review of 2Day Profits!

Are you really gonna rake in 500 bucks today with some brand spanking new method or is it nothing but a lousy scam that will waste your time?

To get a truthful answer and also the lowdown on this money-making product (from someone who actually bought it), continue reading…

2Day Profits Review
Quick Overview

Name: 2Day Profits (2DP).

Website: 2dayprofits.com.

Cost: $2 (starting price changes) + $251 in upsells.

Owners: Mark Barrett & Paul Prissick.

My Score: 4/10.

Verdict: Legit (But not recommended for a noob).

2Day Profits is basically a product that revolves around making money by building a sales funnel and driving paid traffic to it in order to build an email list and promote affiliate offers to it.

However, I think newbies are gonna struggle to understand the program and get an online business started.

Because there’s no real step-by-step tutorial training to follow – The videos are mostly bullet-pointed slideshows.

So unless you’re already clued-up on the strategies inside the videos,  don’t expect to earn a full-time income, let alone $500 TODAY!

** UPDATE **

It appears that this product is no longer for sale on the WarriorPlus marketplace. 

Which (in my opinion) suggests that Mark and Paul weren’t serious enough about helping newbies in the first place.

Well, either that, or they decided to channel their energy into creating much bigger and better products that teach internet and affiliate marketing step-by step. Who knows.

Let’s hope it’s the latter though lol.

Before diving into this FULL review, here’s a platform that offers you tools, training & s4/7 community support (the whole shebang) for building a lucrative affiliate Biz from the ground up…

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What is 2Day Profits All About?

2Day Profits was a money making program released by two successful internet marketing dudes (Mark Barrett & Paul Prissick) who are also the co-founders of very similar programs such as:

These guys sure have a thing about getting results fast, judging from the names of their creations.

But let’s talk about ‘2DP’.

How does the platform work?

As the name of the program implies, it’s designed to help you make money “today” ($586+ to be more specific)…

By following a brand new method that’s so easy peasy to implement once you’ve watched an ‘over the shoulder’ case study.

Barrett and Prissick also claim that you won’t need to invest in paid ad networks, you’re not required to use YouTube and SEO techniques…

And especially no budget, list or even a website is needed for you to get started on the web with the system.

So, that pretty much rules out the main digital marketing strategies.

They’re only the most “essential” methods for building a highly lucrative online business!

So no biggie LOL.

But unfortunately, the guys aren’t being 100% honest with you (in my opinion).

Because to make money with their system, you’ll need to invest in an Aweber autoresponder account, as well as solo ads for driving traffic to a squeeze page and building your subscriber list.

And the way you earn money is from promoting CPA ‘Cost Per Action’ offers to your email list.

It’s certainly not a new income generating method on the web either, since email marketing, solo ads, and CPA have all been around for many years.

So really it’s just a WarriorPlus vendor “gimmick” to persuade you to buy their product.


Who is 2Day Profits Geared Towards?

Apparently, the program is intended for anyone wanting to make fast money online, and it’s completely newbie friendly too.

But from my experiences with the program, I actually found it difficult to follow as a more seasoned affiliate marketer.

So what chance will you have if you’re a beginner, eh?

Again, it’s another technique used by WarriorPlus product vendors to easily sell their own stuff to newbies by the bucket load.


What Training & Resources Will You Get Inside 2Day Profits?

Inside the members’ area, there are 8 main videos to watch.

But you’ll be disappointed as a newbie.

Because the training is in the style of a “presentation” instead of actual video walk-through tutorials “showing” you how to get started with your online business.

2Day Profits Training Videos

Training Video Snapshot.

The 8 videos:
  1. Introduction
  2. Here’s How it’s Done
  3. Check Out These Results
  4. How to Set This up
  5. Here’s Another Way to Profit
  6. Monetize All Your Traffic
  7. How to do This Method For Free
  8. Important Points in Closing

Another thing I hate about this training is the fact there’s a strong emphasis on selling you upsells in order to fully succeed with the program.

But I that’s what happens when you buy into a program with a dirt cheap front-end cost – you’ll be taken through a ‘value ladder’ process.

(This is something you’ll learn more about inside DotCom Secrets).


But it’s not all bad with ‘2DP’ – you also get a:

  • Free Traffic Guide PDF – This includes some good recommendations + actual video walk-throughs
  • Quick Start Cheat Sheet PDF- Also includes squeeze page templates to download & help with Aweber
  • ClickFunnels squeeze page example
  • Redirect page example
  • Follow up example
  • Recommended CPA platform called Yoonla

Plus there are some bonus video tutorials on:

  • How to Set up Aweber
  • How to Upload Videos on YouTube
  • Getting Free Traffic With SnapChat
  • How to Get Traffic Free From Facebook
  • Setting up & Publishing With WordPress
  • How to Set up & Register a Domain, Hosting & FTP

So I will give the guys credit for giving you some value.

And when it comes to support, you also have an email address to contact.


What’s The Cost of 2Day Profits?

The front end cost is $2, but the price changes, depending on how many people buy into the program.

It’s basically a bait and switch strategy to get you through the front door and into their funnel, where you’ll be tempted to buy some One Time Offers (OTOs)…

  • (20 Done For You Email Follow Ups) – $27
  • (Copy & Paste Sales Funnel) – $27
  • (Coaching From Mark & Paul) – $197

In addition to those costs, don’t forget you’ll need to buy sales funnel software like ClickFunnels, an autoresponder service, and also solo ad traffic packages.

Which combined can easily cost you an arm and a leg (to the tune of $100s – $1,000s) before you potentially see any profits from your email and affiliate marketing campaigns.


PROS vs CONS of ‘2DP’


  • The basic membership is cheap 
  • The potential to make some money


  • The program will be challenging for noobs
  • It’s unlikely that any beginner will make $500+ in 24 hours
  • Solo ads can work out expensive in the beginning
  • Other expenses for paid tools
  • There are upsells


Final Conclusion: Is 2Day Profits a Scam?…

2Day Profits provides some level of value that can help you to make money online.

So it’s definitely not a scam.

However, the first 8 training videos you come across aren’t that brilliant (in my opinion).

Because they don’t walk you through the process of building an online business from scratch.

They’re simply presentations giving you bullet points – So you’ll need to figure out the actionable stuff on your on.

Don’t get me wrong, Paul does a good job at explaining the “make money online” stuff…

But there’s just no meat on the bone for newbies to sink their teeth into.

So can you make $586+ today as a total newbie with zero internet marketing skills?

I very much doubt it because earning money on the web never happens fast or easy, especially for a novice.

But if you were already an experienced marketer, then you could quite possibly make 500 dollars in a 24-hour window.

The bottom line…

‘2DP’ is legit, but I really wouldn’t recommend it as a starting point for any beginner.

But if you want a better newbie-alternative that comes with tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 community support for starting and growing a profitable affiliate Biz with your own website…

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Your Friend, Neil 🙂

Do you have any thoughts or questions on ‘2DP’ that you’d love to share? Please drop your comments below…


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