Will My Funnel Empire Make You $1,000s For FREE?

Welcome to my review of My Funnel Empire!

From Bryan Winters – the owner of 5 Figure Day, comes another very similar email list building system at no cost.

Apparently, “1 Weird Trick” has helped him to build a list of nearly 20K subscribers and pocket thousands of dollars for FREE!

When you join his system, he’ll show you his exact methods.

But is it all a load of tosh and a disappointing scam or will his system really deliver what it says on the tin?

Continue reading for a truthful answer…

Is My Funnel Empire Legit or a Dirty Scam to Avoid
Quick Overview

Name: My Funnel Empire.

Website: myfunnelempire.com.

Cost: Free + $100s for products + autoresponder + traffic methods.

Owner:Β Bryan Winters.

My Score: 4/10.

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What is My Funnel Empire All About?

In Bryan’s words:

My Funnel Empire (MFE) is a stupidly simple way to instantly launch your own website funnel that’s capable of ramming your account with 1,000s worth of email opt-in subscribers and making over $700 per visitor on autopilot!


In my words (without the hype), you get a “Done-For-You” lead capture page for building an email list and generating affiliate commissions from selling products found on Clickbank.

But it’s a lot easier said than done because it will require time, effort, and money to grow your subscribers and make enough dough to say “adiΓ³s” to your boss!


Who Will Benefit From Bryan’s System?

‘MFE’ is for any affiliate marketer just starting out on their journey online or anyone who’s currently trying but struggling to build their list of email subscribers.

In fact, anybody wishing to make money on the internet can use the system.

However, the only downside is that you’ll be limited to promoting products in the ‘MMO’ niche to your list. There’s no option of picking a niche to work with.


How Does My Funnel Empire Work For a Profit?

Your sales funnel website basically has an email opt-in form and various Clickbank product offers built into it so you can maximize your affiliate commissions and apparently make $738 per subscriber!

Plus you get pre-written emails and also the option to hook up your own Aweber, GoGVO or GetResponse autoresponder to your page.

There are 3 steps that you and your visitors must do for an income:
My Funnel Empire Set up Steps

#1 – Activate Funnel

This is so your visitors can subscribe to your list and also sign up under your ‘MFE’ affiliate ID to get a replicated site like yours.

#2 – Activate Leads

Also referred to as a “double squeeze” page.

This automatically builds your email list when your new member referral starts to promote their funnel for leads and sales.

The more people you refer who also promote their own funnels, the bigger your list and commissions can grow as well as theirs.

#3 Activate Autonomous Income

You can monetize your funnel using 5 different special Clickbank product offers.

For every offer your ‘MFE’ referral chooses to purchase, you’ll earn a commission.

But unfortunately, you must first purchase the offers yourself before you’re able to make commissions from them. That’s the only catch with the system.

However, on the plus side, the products are designed to help you scale up your online business and multiply your profits.

Once you’ve gone through the steps, you can access the control panel to enter your Clickbank affiliate ID, see your offers activated, connect your autoresponder, and view a number of traffic resources.
My Funnel Empire Control Panel
In addition, there’s a quick start video and also a lengthy Bootcamp video for setting up your system.

But unfortunately, just like Winter’s 5FD program – there’s no step-by-step video training on getting free/paid traffic to your squeeze page.

Just heaps of written material as a guide instead.

When it comes to the support side of things, you have the option of submitting a ticket to the ‘Support Center’.


How Much Will The System Cost You?

To become a member and get your landing page won’t cost you a single cent. That’s the good news.

However, the 5 product purchases for your funnel can potentially set you back $100s.

The first product (Cash Blurbs) is $20/month.

But to gain access to the other 4 products, you must buy each one (which I was unwilling to do) in order to access the next and then plug your affiliate links into the system.

In my opinion, not being able to see all 5 products at once is a manipulative strategy to get you to spend a bunch of money that you probably don’t have as a newbie on a budget.

Then you’ll need to fork out for one of the following autoresponders:

  • Aweber starts from $19/month
  • GetResponse starts from $15/month
  • GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) starts from $5.56/month

Plus, if you want to invest in solo ads and other paid traffic methods, you will be splashing out $100s!

So much for a “FREE” system, huh? LOL.

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  • You get a free “Done-For-You” squeeze page
  • The members’ area is easy to navigate
  • Bootcamp welcome & Quick Start videos
  • Pre-written emails are provided
  • The option to integrate your own autoresponder
  • A money back guarantee is offered
  • Help & support provided via email tickets
  • The potential to earn an income


  • To activate your funnel for commissions, you’re forced to buy the products
  • There’s no step-by-step video training for website traffic
  • Extra expenses are required for an autoresponder + solo ads
  • Bryan’s sales videos are too hyped up for my liking
  • Your niche is already pre-determined
  • It’s not a great starting point for beginners


Final Thoughts: Is My Funnel Empire Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs Down‘MFE’ might be LEGIT, but it’s not exactly the best thing since sliced bread, in my opinion.

While ‘MFE’ can be a good way to make money online via email marketing, there’s a couple of good reasons why I wouldn’t recommend the system to a newbie:

Firstly, the system isn’t entirely free because you are manipulated into buying Clickbank products just so you have the privilege to promote them for commissions via your funnel.

Any “legitimate” sales funnel system gives you the option to choose your own affiliate products to promote and buy. Not force them upon you, which is what Winter’s doing.

Secondly, the reason why Bryan has built you a squeeze page/funnel for “free” is because it also makes him hugely profitable when you spend money on building your list.

It builds “his” email list at your expense too!

So you’ve gotta question whether the guy really has your best interests in mind or his own?

I’m giving ‘MFE’ a big thumb’s down!

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Your Friend, Neil πŸ˜€

Do you have any questions or thoughts, that you’d like to share on ‘MFE’? If so, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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