Yoonla: Will You Create a Loveable Lifestyle? (Reviewed)

Howdy, welcome to my honest review of Yoonla!

OK, so you might be wondering if it really lives up to its promise of helping you become a Digital Entrepreneur and live a dream life…

Or if it’s a flat-out scam, right?

The good news: I’m gonna give you a behind-the-scenes look so you can decide for yourself.

Sound good to you, my young Jedi Apprentice?

Yoonla Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Yoonla (YL).

Website: yoonla.com.

Cost: Free, $297 + extra fees for tools/services/traffic.

Owner: Reno van Boven.

My Score: 5/10.


Put simply, Yoonla is a ‘Done-For-You’ system that allows you to make money through affiliate marketing.

You don’t just get a bunch of  steps to follow for setting up your system, but you also get some training on driving traffic to your system to make sales.

However, the only downside to such systems is that you’re tied to the “online money making” niche…

Rather than choosing your own niche to roll with and affiliate offers to promote.

But overall, YL isn’t a bad place to start if you’re a total newb to affiliate marketing and love the idea of a DFY system.

But before sinking your teeth into this review…

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What’s Yoonla All About, Huh?

In a nutshell, Yoonla is a platform designed to give you the tools, training, and community support for building an “Ultimate Digital Lifestyle”.

At first glance, it kinda comes across as the ‘Six Figure Mentors’ program because that also helps you accomplish the same thing.

But just like ‘SFM’ – ‘YL’ is pretty vague when it comes to the membership sign up page.

There’s plenty of info on becoming a Digital Entrepreneur.

But nothing on what strategies you’ll be implementing or even the type of business model you’re gonna be making money from.

I dunno about you, but I prefer to get the inside scoop right off the bat before joining any program, even if it is $0 to get started online.

So for any real insights into ‘YL’, you must become a free member.

HINT: You’ll be making money via the CPA (Cost Per Action) and Affiliate Marketing business models.

‘YL’ is basically the same as ‘WiFi Wealth System‘ and ‘Earn Easy Commissions‘ – Yet, another ‘Done-For-You’ automated system…


How Does Yoonla Work For $$$?

Once you enter your name, email, and password for gaining free access to the system…

You’re instantly directed to the membership area which looks like this:
Yoonla Free Membership Area
Firstly, what I liked about ‘YL’ is the introduction video from Reno.

Because he seems like a genuine guy who is also upfront with you on his system not containing the usual “Get-Rich-Quick” hyped up garbage on the web.

After the intro video, there are 7 easy steps (including short video tutorials) to follow for the set up of your new ‘YL Evolve’ system…


Step #1: Evolve App & Commission Tracking

Basically, you get app files to download on to your computer.

These are for setting up your ‘Done-For-You’ squeeze page/funnel and also a script for tracking your ‘YL’ affiliate commissions.

A couple of clicks of your mouse button and the step is done!


#2: Create an Automation Account

Here, you get an Autoresponder account with ‘GetResponse’.

So Reno van Boven’s system can follow up with your email subscribers on your behalf – helping you to easily earn from multiple income streams.

Email marketing is very powerful for growing your online Biz.

And you can get started with GetReponse from as little as $15/month which I’m sure you’ll agree is peanuts for starting off on the right foot.


#3: Set up Automation Campaign

This step is for automating your revenue streams for not just your ‘YL Digital Lifestyle Business’.

But for other affiliate programs that you plug into the system.

To get this baby up and running, Reno shows you how to fully set up your ‘GetResponse’ account as well as Autoresponder service.

When it comes to actually drafting your very first subscriber welcome email…

Reno also gives you an email to ‘Copy n’ Paste’ from the “High Converting Email Swipes” tab of your ‘YL’ members’ area.


#4: Create a Small Business Account

In order to get your ‘YL’ lead capture page to go live with your own domain name

You need to grab a Yahoo Small Business Account for hosting your website.

Web-hosting with Yahoo starts at $2.59/month.

But Reno recommends the advanced plan for the extra benefits you’ll need for running your site.

In the video, he shows you’ll get hosting for a special price of $3.99/month via his affiliate link.

But unfortunately, it wasn’t the case because it’s  $5.89/month.

*SOB * 🙁

But the guy does give you some great basic advice on creating a “.com” domain name.

And also picking one that’s short and memorable as well as reflects your new ‘YL’ biz.

What’s also great about Yahoo’s service is that your domain’s free if you choose to host your site with Yahoo for at least 1 year.
Yahoo Small Business Domain and Hosting Costs
However, on the flip side, it kinda comes across as a con because Yahoo charges an extra $11.88 just for domain privacy.

So is the domain really $0 at all if you choose to keep your details private?


If I purchased the same domain (for $13.99/year) inside Wealthy Affiliate – the “Privacy” is actually included in the price.
Wealthy Affiliates Domain Privacy Included in Domain Cost

Please Note: I do not own “earnwithneilio.com” – it’s for example purposes only.


#5: Get Your Evolve App Online

This step shows you how to download the ‘FileZilla FTP Tool’ via the link in your members’ area.

So you can upload your App/tracking script (from step 1) and install it on to your new domain name.

It’s a pretty straightforward process which Reno walks you through, in my opinion.


#6: Customise Your Evolve Site

Your Evolve site is already set up when it comes to SEO and basic page settings.

See what your site will look like:
Yoonla Squeeze Page
But the great thing is that Reno allows you to change these settings.

So you can have a more personalized website. You can change things like meta keywords and the site heading, etc.

In addition, you’ll enter your ‘GetResponse’ token ID into the Opt-In settings so your Autoresponder is connected to your site.

The only downside is that you can’t actually customize the design and colours of your new free website.


#7: Activate Your Evolve Funnel

To have everything fully integrated (including your affiliate link) and your ‘YL’ online business activated…

You simply fill out an online form to request an upgrade to Elite membership.

Elite membership costs $297.

But for some reason, it’s free along with the offer of your system fully set up instead of going through most of the steps yourself.

Once accepted, you’re ready to start collecting email subscribers through your squeeze page and earning up to $4 per ‘YL’ lead.

And also up to $60 per referral who upgrades to “Elite” + 60% commissions on other product sales.

However, if Elite membership is “free” at the moment…

Then I’ve no idea how you’re gonna make commissions from other free Elite member referrals, unless I’m missing a trick lol.


 Any Additional Training & Features With Yoonla?

On top of the 7 steps for setting up your system…

There’s an “Affiliate Marketing Training 101” section containing a mixture of short and lengthy video lessons on:

  1. The Life of an Affiliate Marketer
  2. What Does Affiliate Marketing Involve
  3. How to Approach AM
  4. The Mechanics of AM
  5. Types of Affiliate Programs & Choosing The Best Products
  6. Your Beginner Strategy – Don’t Reinvent The Wheel
  7. Making Things Sell
  8. AM in Person
  9. Using Your Existing Routes to Market
  10. Marketing Your Blog, Mailing List & Squeeze Page

Yoonla Instagram Mastery TrainingAdditionally, there’s a “Traffic & Promotion” section providing you with Facebook (47-page), YouTube (50-page), and Instagram (46-page) PDF guides to download.

With your “Elite” membership…

There’s BONUS training on split testing your squeeze page and campaigns, optimizing your funnel, and increasing conversions and affiliate commissions.

As well as all the training you receive, Reno gives you 15 pre-written emails to blast out to your subscribers.

Free members get the first 10 emails to swipe. But the other 5 emails remain locked until you upgrade your membership.

‘YL’ is an awesome fit for the right person.

But if you wanna see MUCH better DFY affiliate marketing systems, then check out 12 Minute Affiliate and Commission Hero, to name a couple.


OK, so What About Support Inside Yoonla?

When it comes to asking for a helping hand from ‘YL’, there are a few options open to you.

Firstly, there’s a knowledge base for finding answers to your questions.

Secondly, you can email support, but you must sign up first which is odd since you’re already a member.

Your Third option is to connect with ‘YL’ via its Facebook fan page and Instagram account.

But as an Elite member, there’s a special Facebook group for live training and picking the brains of “top dog” marketers.


PROS vs CONS of Yoonla


  • Reno allows you to get started with his system for free
  • The training is easy & simple to follow
  • Getting your business up and running is cheap
  • Plenty of extra training resources are provided
  • Numerous help & support options available
  • Elite membership is also free (although, I’m not sure for how long)
  • You can have your system set up for you by Reno’s team
  • The ‘Done-For-You’ system makes it easy to build an email list
  • Your squeeze page comes with basic customization settings
  • The potential for any newbie to make money


  • A squeeze page & tracking script are the only tools provided
  • You can’t edit the design or colors of your page
  • You’ll more than likely need additional funds for paid traffic
  • You can’t make money with the system as a “free” member
  • Your biz is built within the “Make Money Online” arena – There’s no option to choose your own niche to roll with


Final Say: Is Yoonla Worth it or a Fat SCAM?…

Yes and NoI kinda feel like I’m stuck in the middle of the road like a Chicken when it comes to Yoonla.

There’s a part of me that wants to recommend it, and a part of me that doesn’t.

On one hand, Reno van Boven gives you a ‘Done-For-You’ system as well as some great training and support for getting an online biz set up and making it a success via email marketing.

But on the other hand, his system is built purely for “making money” and within a niche that you’ll probably lose interest in after a while.

Creating a business should be fun, and you should enjoy helping others…

But if you’re only in it for the “money” and having someone else build a business for you, then it’s not worth it, in my book.

In addition, Reno will also be profiting big time, since you’re basically gonna be promoting his system for him.

The Bottom Line:

I think ‘YL’ is a great starting point for beginners who want the easy road to building a business.

But if you’d rather learn how to build your own biz from scratch and also one that’s focused around your hobby or passion, then a system like ‘YL’ isn’t the right fit for you.

However, with that said, you do have the potential to create a lifestyle you’ll love with Reno’s system.

Just don’t expect it to happen quickly.


Want a Better Way to Make Money, Huh?…

Don’t get me wrong, I hold nothing against Yoonla because it provides value and is suitable for the right person.

But there are far better ways to go about generating a full-time income than using DFY systems, in my experience.

For example, my #1 pick (Wealthy Affiliate) is an awesome platform to roll with…

Because you don’t just get websites, tools, and step-by-step training for creating a successful Biz from scratch around your hobby/passion…

But you also receive 24/7 support from a HUGE community for keeping you on the righ track.

If this sounds amazing…

==> Get Your Online Biz Started For $0 Now!


Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘YL’ that you’d like to share with us, then we’d LOVE to hear from you below…

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