Your Income Profits [Review]: $1K Starting Today!? Hmm…

Welcome to another one of my super cool reviews! 😉 This time, I’m looking into Your Income Profits that reckons you can rake in $1K online starting today.

I dunno about you, but I smell a rat, right off the bat. (Hey, that rhymes) lol.

But in all seriousness, does this money-maker really live up to the hype or just a no-go area that fails to deliver the goods?

All is about to be revealed inside this honest review from a “non-affiliate” of the product.

So hang tight, my friend…

Your Income Profits Review
Quick Overview

Name: Your Income Profits (YIP).


Cost: $9 one-time + $145 & $147 for upsells.

Owner: Tom Williams (some random stage name).

My Score: 3/10.

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What’s Your Income Profits All About?

When you land on the sales page, it claims that some “little known secret to generate up to $1,000 commissions starting today” is about to be revealed.

Then once you start viewing the video, Tom (the spokesman/creator) reckons he was once an IT engineer earning a pittance until he stumbled across a “secret money-maker”.

One, that he’d just LOVE to share with you!


Then It’s on to Crazy Income Claims…

Tom also continues with bold statements like he makes $100,000s from only investing 15 minutes into his system on a daily basis, and it’s so easy-peasy, that anyone and their grandmother can do it.

Blah, blah, blah.

Tom refers to his method as ‘Traffic Middleman Arbitrage’ (lol) – basically, trying to impress you with some fancy name for affiliate marketing.

Apparently, you simply choose a website from the system, drive traffic with just a few moue-button clicks, and watch the commissions pour in from places like Amazon, ebay, and Clickbank.
Amazon Ebay and Clickbank


Wowzers Bowzers, your dreams are about to come true!

Yeah, if you believe in fairy-tale story nonsense.

Trust me when I say this: affiliate marketing is nowhere near as easy or fast to rake in the megabucks online (as Tom leads you to believe).

In order to crush it as an affiliate marketer in this internet marketing day and age, a lot of moving parts come into the picture.

First of all, you need the right tools, training, and support (which require expenses) to get the job done.

And secondly, the money-making process also involves a great deal of work ethic, time, and patience before you reap any rewards.

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Put simply, the ‘YIP’ sales pitch is full of fluff and very similar to other crap I’ve recently reviewed like:

I could spend an eternity listing these far-fetched opportunities making ludicrous claims.

Yeah, there’s that much of the damn hyped-up trash, it’s unreal, I tell ya!


Why More Red Flags Are Raised…

In addition to all the lies that roll off the tip of Tom’s tongue, he uses various deceptive tactics to get his grubby mitts on your hard-earned buckaroonies.

To understand what the hell I’m talking about, check out the warning signs that stick out like a sore thumb throughout the sales video and page itself.


#1: Who is This “Tom Williams” Guy?…

Tom claims to be the video spokesman and also the dude behind ‘YIP’.

Except, you only have his word to go on because he doesn’t provide any proof of his identity, whatsoever.

Unfortunately, it’s always the case with these shoddy Clickbank product creators.

They hide behind “pen names ” and “voiceovers” from Fiverr – so they can walk unsuspecting noobs like you down the garden path without harming their reputations during the process.

UGH. Disgusting.


#2: Members’ Raking in $1,000s! (Um, Yeah Right)…

A bunch of members’ have recorded short video testimonials bragging about the $1,000s they’ve made quickly with ‘YIP’ without hardly lifting a finger.

One such lady, in particular, claims she made a WHOPPING $31,000 in a short 3-month period!

Say hello to the woman.
Fake Member Video Testimonial
But take all the testimonials with a grain of salt, because, for starters, they show you zero proof of their earnings.

And second of all (the most important reason), you’ll find those same guys n’ gals selling their “spokesperson” services on Fiverr for a small handful of bucks.

Want solid proof?

Meet the same woman again offering her acting services for hire (who, BTW, also did a fake video for 7 Minutes Daily Profits and god knows what else).

7 Minutes Daily Profits Testimonials From Fiverr


Ha, busted.


So if ‘YIP’ is the real deal, then why does its creator pull the wool over your eyes with fake-ass videos from paid actors and actresses, huh?



#3: Only $9 For a “Life-Changing” Opportunity (Really!?)…

The biggest red flag that has you giggling like a little school girl, is the dirt-cheap cost of ‘YIP’.

I very much doubt that Tom is gonna give away some system that generates you $100,000s as easy as apple pie for just pennies on the dollar.

Think about it for a second.

If this system really delivers what’s promised on the tin, then why isn’t Tom selling it for $1,000s, if not $10,000s?

There are two good reasons for the price being a drop in the ocean:

Uno. It’s gonna deliver very little to no value.

Dos. It’s so the creator can pull you through the front door and entice you with his or her upsells.

So up to this point, the odds of you “getting-rich-quickly” with the product aren’t looking too brilliant, are they?


How Your Income Profits “Actually” Works…

Once you part with a bank-breaking 9 dollars, you’ll gain access to a membership area containing a bunch of training and support tabs, that looks just like this.
Your Income Profits Members Training Dashboard
The modules you get access to include:

Inside the modules, you’ll find a bunch of video tutorials covering some ways to make money.

In a nutshell, they cover creating a WIX website (although, building a SiteRubix website is your best option) to promote affiliate products, and driving traffic to your site using YouTube and social media, in general.

Overall, you’ll get some “OK” guidance on the basics of internet and affiliate marketing.

But sadly, the training just isn’t meaty enough for a newbie to create a successful online Biz, in my book.

Also, if you do your research on YouTube, you can quite easily find the same or similar type of training for “free” anyways – saving you 9 bucks.

At the end of the day, you do get some level of value out of ‘YIP’.

But just don’t expect to get your hands on some easy-peasy opportunity that’s gonna change your life in the blink of an eye.

It’s not happening. Period.




  • It’s only $9 to purchase
  • Delivers some level of training
  • Provides email for support
  • Clickbank offers a 60-day returns policy


  • The sales page is hyped-up – making unrealistic income promises
  • Its creator hides under a rock
  • The video testimonials are fabricated
  • The training is inadequate for success
  • Upsells costing you almost $300


Wrapping it up: Is Your Income Profits a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownPersonally, I wouldn’t call it a total scam (as much as I’d love to) because it does provide you with a bunch of video tutorials, and then there’s the fact that Clickbank has a 2-month money-back-guarantee in place.

But with that said, I really don’t recommend ‘YIP’ to any newbie.

For starters, the sales pitch is highly-deceptive because the video narrator lies through his teeth about how his system is gonna make you stinking rich without breaking into a sweat.

And secondly, the training quality really isn’t that great because it just teaches you some bare bone stuff.

There’s nothing there to help you become a profitable Biz owner, in my book.

But then again, what do you expect from a 9-dollar investment?

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on ‘YIP’? We’d LOVE to hear from ya in the comments below…

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