Avoid Mary Stevens Like The Plague, She’s a Con Artist!

Welcome to my scam review!

You may be well aware of the name “Mary Stevens” because you have more than likely heard stories of her conning folks through various so-called home earning opportunities on the web.
Mary Stevens Scammer
Unfortunately, what you hear is true – she is a fraudulent individual who doesn’t actually exist in the world of online money making.

YUP, she’s a fictional character.

So I urge you to approach with extreme caution if ever you come across any program that mentions her name.

Better yet, sprint in the opposite direction like a roadrunner!

My review will help you to understand the trickery used by Mary and why she’s a lady simply not to be trusted with your hard-earned cash.

But before you get stuck in…

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 Who Exactly is Mary Stevens?

Put simply, she’s an imaginary woman created by scammers for the sole purpose of connecting with you on a relatable human level so you’re tricked into parting with money for a lousy “get-rich-quick” scheme.

Mary Stevens is a Scam Artist

Meet Mary.

Unfortunately, she’s behind a number of scams – Online Profit System, Work At Home Special Report, and Profit Masters Academy, to name a few.

The con artists have simply used an attention-grabbing photo of an attractive young mom with her young kid, along with a fake success story to make Mary believable in your eyes.

But what’s even funnier is the fact that she also goes by the names of ‘Melissa Johnson’, ‘Doris Halkias, and ‘Theresa Andrews’ with various other scams floating around.

Wanna see some proof?
Melissa Johnson is a Scam Artist
There’s no doubt she has plenty more of these fake identities.

I also discovered that Mary’s image is actually from a stock photo website.
Stock Photo
OOPS, it seems to me like the scammers have been caught out!!


How Will Mary Attempt to Deceive You?

She promotes “too good to be true” work at home programs offering you the chance to get paid from posting links for advertisers on the web.

But just like pyramid schemes and envelope stuffing, to name a couple of examples – posting spammy links is a thing of the past and is not an effective strategy in this day and age of the World Wide Web.

Link posting is just one of the concepts she’s behind. There may well be more crap she’s promoting.

Mary gives you the false impression that there’s BIG money to be made from spamming the internet. So this is one of the main red flag signs that she’s trying to take you for a fool.

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How to Avoid Mary’s Trickery

Unfortunately, scam sites will try every trick in the damn book to lure you into their snake-pits, rather than spending the time and effort to create something legitimate to help people like you to earn an income.

Fraudsters will quickly throw together unethical programs and use fake people with false stories of “how I’ve made X-amount of money in one week“, “how I just quit my job” and “how I went from broke to a 5 figure income in 5 days“, etc.

I’m sure you’re familiar with these stories by now, huh?

Here are a number of scam signs to help you give a wide birth to characters like Mary in the future:

  1. Avoid any program that mainly discusses money & how much you’ll make.
  2. Steer well clear of any opportunity that lacks details on the work you’ll be carrying out.
  3. Be wary when it comes to photos, written & also video testimonials – they aren’t always what they seem.
  4. The promise of easily getting rich very quick.
  5. Look out for a 60+ day money back guarantee offer – No legit program offers such a long guarantee.
  6. Be cautious of “hurry the hell up” countdown timers and also limited positions available.

Bear the 6 manipulation strategies in mind and you will be as safe as houses when browsing the interweb for REAL opportunities.


My Final Thoughts…

When it comes to any work at home program that even hints at the name of Mary Stevens, displays her image under a different identity or even gives you her sob/success story – you will be making a very costly mistake by falling for it.

The best advice I can give you is to put yourself in the “safe zone” by keeping her and her opportunities at arm’s length. If something sounds “too good to be true”, then keep your guard up.

A number of people have already fallen face first into her scam-trap, but don’t be one of them and lose a bunch of money down the drain.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, feedback or experiences with any of Mary’s programs you wish to share, please leave your comments down below…



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