Is Qmee Really Worth Your Time and Effort? (Reviewed)

Do the cash rewards from Qmee reflect the amount of time and effort you invest in the ‘GPT’ site?

Grab my honest review to find out whether the program is really worth your time or not…

Qmee Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Qmee (QM).

Website: (visit website).

Cost: Free.

Owners: Jonathan Knight & Nick Sutton.

My Score: 5/10.

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What’s Qmee All About?

The same as Squishy Cash, and TimeBucks, to name a couple more GPT opportunities – Qmee pays you for doing certain tasks on the internet.

There are a few ways you can make some cash with ‘QM’.

They include searching the web (which is what you do anyway), shopping for products that you want and need, and even sharing your 2 cents worth via surveys.

What I really like about this (Get Paid To) site is that there’s not a million and one different tasks to overwhelm you.

It’s really simple and straightforward. Search. Shop. Take Surveys.

So if you’d like to make some cash from participating in a selection of activities online…

Then I guess ‘QM’ is gonna be right up your street.


Let’s Dive Into The Qmee Tasks, Shall we?

Once you enter your email and create a password to join…

You’re prompted to install ‘QM’ on to your browser so you can quickly get your first reward from searching the web.
Qmee Browser Installation


How Searching Works

When you’ve successfully installed ‘QM’, you must choose whether you wanna use a Google, an Amazon or eBay search engine.
Search With Google Amazon or Ebay
And then you can claim your first reward from ‘QM’ by clicking on a welcome link within the search sidebar.

In my case, I made 10p since I’m from the UK. YAY!

OK, 10 pennies aren’t gonna change anyone’s life (LOL), but I guess it’s a motivator for doing further tasks.

After your first reward, you can start searching the web for whatever springs to mind and you’ll see more links in the sidebar for earning rewards.
Get Paid to Search
For my search, I typed “mountain bikes for men” into Google and it came up with a bunch of links to check out and get paid for.

The awesome news is that your Piggybank gets credited right away from every click.

But the bad news is that there’s a limit on the number of links they allow you to get paid for.

Once I clicked on 3 links and accumulated a WHOPPING 26p, I was done for the day lol.

No more links appeared after that, no matter how many Google searches I performed. UGH.

So while searching can be a fun task, just don’t expect to rake in a fortune from it each day.


Shopping For Products

This task goes hand-in-hand with the search feature above.

When you search Google for a product that you’re interested in buying and then follow a link to a particular site in the sidebar…

You’ll get offered a “money-off” coupon or special deal.

Unfortunately, you won’t be “making” any money from shopping, but you can save a few quid/dollars on your purchases.


Sharing Your Opinions

Before you can participate in ‘QM’ surveys, you must answer a bunch of quick questions about yourself.

Which is a process I dislike because I’m not a fan of giving out my personal details.

What are your thoughts on this?

You can earn various amounts of cash from taking part in surveys that have a range of different time scales.
I like the fact that surveys are simple to answer and new ones also slowly introduced.

Because it saves you from getting overwhelmed.

However, the only thing that disappointed me is the fact that payments are minimal.

Why would you take part in a 19-minute survey that pays only 43p?!

For that length of time, you should expect £1 at the very least!

In my opinion, the cash you get from surveys isn’t really worth investing your time for, and that applies to any ‘GPT’ program.

Not just ‘QM’.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any info on the ‘QM’ referral program either.

You must contact support which I find a little odd.

But if there isn’t a referral system in place, then you’re gonna be stuck earning minimal rewards. UGH.


How & When do You Get Paid From Qmee

I think my most favourite part about ‘QM’ is that you can cash out your earnings instantly via PayPal.

There’s no waiting around to reach minimum thresholds plus the extra delays that you find with most ‘GPT’ sites…

Even if I did get paid a whole 31 Great British Pence lol.

Or if you’re feeling charitable, you can donate your earnings to a bunch of charities hand-picked by the guys at ‘QM’.

In addition, if you don’t wanna cash out your earnings or make a donation, you can choose from an Amazon, Starbucks or iTunes gift card.

But you’ll need to reach a minimum of £5 earnings (for Amazon and Starbucks) and £10 (for iTunes) gift cards.


Is Help & Support Available Inside Qmee?

There are quick tutorials on using the platform.

But in all honesty, they’re not required since ‘QM’ is easy to get to grips with.

When it comes to support itself, you have a FAQ page to browse which covers every topic you need to know about.

And you can also email the team.

Additionally, you can connect with the team via various social media channels.



The Good

  • It doesn’t cost you anything to join
  • Make some money from different tasks
  • Cash-out your PayPal earnings instantly
  • You only need a minimum of £5 – £10 for a gift card
  • Help & support is accessible
  • The platform is incredibly easy to navigate

The Bad

  • The tasks pay you very little money
  • Searches & Surveys appear to be limited
  • There’s no evidence of a referral program for extra earnings – You must contact support


Final Thoughts: Is Qmee Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs UpQmee is a simple and fun ‘GPT’ program to use for rewards.

And I especially love that you can cash out your PayPal earnings as soon as you accumulate them.

So, I’m giving ‘QM’ a big thumb’s up because of this.

However, there are some downsides which irritated me.

Firstly, you’re not gonna make a great deal of cash from searching the web and doing surveys.

And especially when there are limitations on the tasks.

I know for a fact that your time can be put to much better use online.

Secondly, with no information on a referral program or even a tab for getting an invitation link to blast out to family, friends, and other acquaintances…

Then you’re pretty much screwed generating peanuts.

The Bottom Line: ‘QM’ is “LEGITbecause it gives you the opportunity to make “pocket money”.

But it’s not something I would recommend spending your time on.

Instead, check out a way that will enable you to turn your hobby or passion into a FULL-TIME income on the web…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts on ‘QM’? Please do share with us in the comments below because we’d LOVE to hear from you…


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