7 Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Success on Instagram.

Today, I would like to share 7 top ways with you on boosting your success rate on Instagram as an affiliate marketer.

Every online business owner knows that Facebook is the crème de la crème when it comes to marketing on social media, but Instagram is sweeping the web like wildfire!
7 Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Success on Instagram
Now a part of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook platform, Insta (with over 700 million users) is the fastest growing social media channel! Period.

The reason why the social app is growing so rapidly is because it’s a visual focused network.

Did you know visual marketing tactics have a much better response rate than any other strategy?

As a marketer, this gives you an enormous opportunity to get your business out there to other Insta users. In fact, if approached correctly, the app could potentially triple your sales and affiliate commissions.

So without further ado, let’s get stuck into the 7 awesome ways for successfully promoting your affiliate biz on Insta and generating a profit:


#1: Experiment With Hashtags

A Hashtag Drawn in The Sand

Hashtags are awesome and can lead to both instant traffic and engagement on your posts. They are extremely popular these days, especially on Insta because people use them for searching for topics.

However, it’s not a case of simply just throwing a bunch of random tags out there with your posts and expecting floods of visitors.

You must use tags sparingly and not in a spam-like manner. It’s also important to find the right tags that actually produce a flow of traffic to each of your posts.

Read my article on ‘How to Hack Hashtags’ if you want the maximum exposure of your biz.


#2: Be Consistent in Your Efforts

A Newtons Cradle

Your Insta account will perform a lot better when you stick to a consistent theme throughout all of you posts as well as create a daily posting schedule.

When you follow a particular pattern with your text, imagery, colors, and hashtags, etc, and also remain active, you will find that your visitors and followers will interact more with your posts.

In my experience as a marketer, consistently practicing simplicity is one of the big keys to success. And that applies to any marketing technique.


#3: Use Tools For Making Life Easier

Tools For Internet Marketing

There are numerous free and paid tools available for getting various tasks done and improving the performance of posts.

One awesome tool, in particular, is hashtagify.me and it’s used for uncovering hashtags, locations, and also identifying content that’s currently trending on Insta.

Another cool tool I use quite often (especially for my blog content) is canva.com. You can create, edit, enhance, and re-size images.

Canva offers different template, image and text options to use for creating your posts. It’s also one of the cheapest tools I’ve ever come across. So I highly recommended.

In addition, if you type “Instagram automation tools” into Google, you will find a bunch of resources to play around with for building a profitable affiliate biz on the web via Insta.


#4: Cross Promote For More Followers

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One of the easiest ways of gaining new followers is to cross-promote your images, so your target market has access to other routes for connecting with your brand.

By also sharing your content on multiple networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus, etc, then it’s gonna give you, even more, exposure and allow you to reach a bigger crowd of potential buyers.

The really cool thing with this strategy is that you can sync some accounts, so when you post on Insta, it will automatically post on other profiles. It saves extra time too.


#5: Join Targeted Community Groups

Teamwork Written on a Chalkboard

Competition keeps the market alive, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t work with other affiliates in your niche and form joint venture partnerships (aka JV Partners).

There are many communities on Insta that allow you to connect with other marketers and collaborate.

The idea is that you do “shout outs” by sharing others posts, and they return the favor for extra exposure and sales.

Obviously, not every marketer you approach will agree to be your partner. But you only need a small handful of partners with decent follower numbers to make it work.

If search Google for “Instagram community groups”, you will able to locate a group that best fits your niche.


#6: Know Your Target Audience

Scrabble Letters Spelling Target Audience

You may think that you already know your audience of potential customers, but it’s always best to do extra research to ensure that the people are super laser targeted.

So the more you learn about your followers and other users in your niche, it’s gonna make it much easier to connect with folks in creative ways and broaden your reach.

As I’ve personally discovered in the past as a newbie marketer, promoting to the wrong crowd has zero impact on your business.

So knowing your market is key.


#7: Repurpose Your Content

Social Media App Icons on a Mobile Device

If you ever have a post that’s performing exceptionally well on any of your social media accounts, make sure that you repurpose it on your Insta profile for extra coverage.

If the content performed well the first time, then post it a 2nd time for the folks who missed it because you have the potential to gain sales and commissions.

Never leave money on the table, so to speak.


The Bottom Line…

With the rate at which Instagram is currently growing, you simply can’t ignore the potential from an affiliate marketing perspective.

If Insta is gonna be your main source for growing your business, then really learn the ins and outs and spend a lot of time studying the platform because it can set you up for long-term success.

So start off by learning to master hashtags, being consistent, using tools, cross promoting, joining communities, knowing your audience, and repurposing your content.

Every action you take can lead to a full-time monthly income if done right the way.

Instagram is one of many methods for building an empire. But if you wanna get WordPress websites, step-by-step training, and 24/7 support for creating a thriving affiliate marketing biz from your passion, then…

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This articles was inspired by Chris Luck (founder of Marketers Paradise).

If you have any questions, tips of your own or affiliate marketing successes on Insta that you wanna share, then we’d love to hear your comments below…

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