Ecom Cash Crusher: Prepare to be Crushed! [Reviewed]

Welcome to my unbiased review of the Ecom Cash Crusher!

To cut to the chase.

This online money making Clickbank product makes some pretty outlandish claims and seriously falls short in the “quality” department.

In order to understand just why it fails to deliver the goods and how it’s gonna crush your dreams of financial success, continue reading…

Prepare to be Crushed With Ecom Cash Crusher - Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Ecom Cash Crusher (ECC).


Cost: $37 + upsells.

Owner: David Anderson (some random stage name).

My Score: 2/10.

But before taking the plunge into this FULL review.

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What’s Ecom Cash Crusher All About?

According to the ‘ECC’ sales page – “you could be earning up to $2,000 per day or more starting today“.

And then when you hit the video play button.

The narrator (David) makes all sorts of wild and wacky claims like his revolutionary new and secret system is helping average joes rake in up to $40,000 per month…

It’s so easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, that everyone and their grandmother can do it…

Blah, blah, blah.

Put simply, all this David’s selling you is a “pipe dream” in order to get money out of you.

If such a magical life-changing system truly existed for a small-time fee of 37 bucks.

Don’t you think every man and his dog on planet earth would be sipping cocktails day and night on the French Riviera?



But The Hype & Bullsh*t Doesn’t Stop There…

Like any far-fetched sales pitch you come across in the ‘make money online’ arena.

The ‘ECC’ one makes every desperate attempt under the sun to deceive the pants off you.

And again, this is purely for one single purpose…

To line the pockets of the shady individual hiding behind the product.

So before parting with any of your hard-earned dollars, I highly recommend taking the following red flags I spotted into careful consideration.

First of all, let’s start with the sales page itself.

Directly underneath the video, you’ll notice a red bar that displays the names of various peeps who have made fat stacks of cash with ‘ECC’.

This is Lynsey who just made $2.5K!
Fake Income Claims
But take these names and cash amounts with a grain of salt because since there’s no circumstantial evidence to prove the claims are real.

Add to the fact that it doesn’t take a genius to fabricate names and figures on the internet.

Then when it comes to the Privacy Policy page, they state that your credentials may be passed on to third parties they’re working with.

But since ‘ECC’ is peddled as some “get-rich-quick” junk, have a wild guess at the sort of product offers that are gonna land in your inbox.


The person behind ‘ECC’ is simply NOT to be trusted with your email and phone number. Period.

Moving on to the sales video.


Who The Hell is “David Anderson” Anyways?…

Since David provides you with ZERO evidence of his existence.

Makes him a complete fabrication as well as a hired “voiceover” from a website named

More often than not, these shady Clickbank product creators hide like cowards behind “pen names” and other people’s voices.

So they can avoid damaging their reputations when their customers realize they’ve bought a bunch of baloney.


David’s Violin Sob Story…

He talks about his upbringing since a 12-year-old boy and even shares his own sob story on being close to destitute years later in adulthood.

But then finding the Shopify website that changed his life.
Ecom Cash Crusher Uses Psychological Triggers
Put simply, the intention of David’s story is to trigger your emotions.

Making him more relatable – so you end up lowering your guard and tripping into his snake pit, just where he wants you.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with storytelling (IF it’s true, of course).

But shoddy product creators like David know that it’s a powerful selling point, and so create some baloney to fool unsuspecting folks.


David’s $10K Weekly Earnings (Pfft)…

The guy even boasts about being able to buy anything he wants with the $10,000 he’s making on a weekly basis.

And then boasts even more about the $1.2 million he’s generated using ‘ECC’ within the past 2 years.
Fake Income Proof
But just because he shows you some screenshot doesn’t make it genuine because it can easily be forged.

Furthermore, his huge income claims set unrealistic benchmarks for newbies.

Because, to earn $10K per week in the REAL internet marketing world could easily take a beginner years to accomplish.

But obviously David has his heart set on fooling you with the notion of “get-rich-quick”, otherwise you wouldn’t buy into his so-called product.


Members Are Making Fat Stacks (Apparently)…

There are video testimonials from a bunch of folks who couldn’t be happier with ‘ECC’.

One lady pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, when after just 2 days of using the website, she raked in a WHOPPING $2,800!
False Member Testimonial
Ya right, lady!

It just so happens you’ll find the same woman selling her “spokesperson” services via Fiverr for pennies on the dollar to anyone who’s willing to hire her…

Even scammers, unfortunately.
Ecom Cash Crusher Fiverr Testimonial
So tell me, if ‘ECC’ really is a dream come true, then how come there are no genuine testimonials from members sharing actual income proof?


Simply put, ‘ECC’ does nothing but pull the wool over your eyes, and is no different from other shady Clickbank products I’ve reviewed.

Like, Ecom Cash Code, Ecom Profit Sniper, and Fast Profits Online, to name a few.



How Does Ecom Cash Crusher “Actually” Work?

As you’ve gathered by now, ‘ECC’ is something that was crafted in La La Land.

The magical money-maker just does NOT exist. Period.

But at least one thing’s true…

The product you get does actually resemble the concept of “eCommerce” – starting a Shopify store to make money from Dropshipping.

Inside the ‘ECC’ dashboard area, you’re gonna find training modules containing videos and PDFs on various aspects of eCommerce.
Ecom Cash Crusher Training Dashboard
The modules cover:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Foundation Setup
  3. Dropshipping
  4. Setting up Shopify
  5. Shopify Apps
  6. SEO for Shopify
  7. Using Facebook
  8. Help

But while you do get guidance on starting off on the right foot online with eCommerce.

The training is inadequate for any kinda real success because there’s nothing to go on for optimizing your store for maximizing sales and profits.

Furthermore, David fails to show you HOW to drive targeted traffic to your store – which is essential for your success.

So without this in-depth knowledge, you’re gonna be screwed as a newbie from the get-go.

UNLESS you know where to find decent training that plugs the gaps – which could end up costing you more cash.

To be honest, it’s always the case with these shady Clickbank products.

They promise you the world on a plate by plugging into some fairy tale wealth system.

Only for you to discover some sub par training that under delivers.



PROS vs. CONS of ‘ECC’


  • You get SOME level of value for hard-earned bucks
  • Clickbank offers a 60-day refund
  • eCommerce is a business model that works (IF you have the correct in-depth training)


  • The creator peddles it as “get-rich-quick” crap for THEIR own benefit
  • He or she deploys manipulative sales tactics (not to mention, lies throughout the entire sales video)
  • The training you receive is unsubstantial for turning a buck online
  • It comes with further upsells totalling $393
  • It’s likely that your credentials will be sold to unethical third parties


Final Thoughts: Is Ecom Cash Crusher a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownNothing would give me greater pleasure than calling out ‘ECC’ as a rotten scam due to the fact that its creator walks you down the garden path.

But because you’re not totally gonna get screwed over (since you receive some basic video/PDF training modules).

And Clickbank also issues a refund inside a 2-month window – I can’t give it the label it deserves.

However, with that said, by no means does this product deliver what it promises on the tin, and also the training is insufficient for results, in my book.

My final verdict: Not recommended.

So what now, huh?…

Don’t get me wrong, eCommerce is a great way to earn a living online (providing you don’t buy trashy products like ‘ECC’).

But eCommerce can also be an expensive way to get started because you’ll need to splash out a chunk of change on paid traffic sources, especially.

From a beginner standpoint, “Affiliate Marketing” is your best option.

Because, not only is it more fun (in my opinion), but it’s also inexpensive to start out with – especially when you choose the blogging and vlogging routes.

So if you’re looking for the best and most cost-effective affiliate marketing starting point – offering you the potential to earn a full-time income…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘ECC’ – we’d LOVE to hear em’ below…


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