10 Minute Funnels Review: (Is It Really The Best Builder?)

Howdy, welcome to my review of 10 Minute Funnels!

So you want to take your business to new heights on the internet by building a sales funnel, but don’t know if this particular software is the best tool for the job, right?

Then you’ve landed at the right place.

Because in this review, I not only give you a glimpse of the software behind the scenes, but share my honest thoughts on using it to grow your Biz.

Sound good?

Great, let’s gooo!…

10 Minute Funnels Review
Quick Overview

Name: 10 Minute Funnels (10MF).

Website: 10minutefunnels.com.

Cost: $1 for a 14-day trial. Standard – $67/month or $57/month (billed yearly). Premium – $167/month 0r $157/month (billed yearly).

Owner: Kyle Graham.

Score: 6/10.

My 10 Minute Funnels Verdict:

By no means do I consider myself as a pro when it comes to building sales funnels, but I must admit that I loved the simplicity of using 10 Minute Funnels.

In my opinion, I think it can be a great starting point if you’re a beginner when it comes to the world of sales funnels.

Because the software comes already loaded with done-for-you funnels that can convert traffic to leads/customers, plenty of pages to customize and also great elements you can add.

Plus, there’s a handful of video tutorials thrown in to help you get to grips with the builder.

But with that said, there are still some flaws to using the software that you must bear in mind before taking the plunge head first.

For example; some template designs seem “plain Jane”, there are no templates to use for creating survey and consulting funnels, etc, and there’s just no BIG lively community of experts to rub shoulders with.

(But there is a Facebook group and other support channels to explore though lol).

Plus, there’s not really a share funnel option for ethically duplicating the effective funnels of other users.

So if you’re planning on really levelling up your results with ’10MF’ as an advanced user, then the software may not be your best fit.

But before you continue reading further…

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What is 10 Minute Funnels All About?

According to Kyle, Ten Minute Funnels (or 10 Minute Funnels, whatever you wanna call it) will help you to quickly build world-class profitable marketing campaigns (aka Sales Funnels) in no time at all using its ‘Drag n’ Drop” technology.

Even if you’re an absolute novice, the guy will show you how to create your digital marketing funnels step-by-step without any skills in web page development.

On the sales page of ’10MF’, it claims to be the “easiest and most powerful builder in the world”

But after trying other funnel building software on the market and making my own comparisons, I beg to defer.

Because there are numerous options that come with more benefits than ’10MF’.

But anyway…


Who is 10 Minute Funnels Ideal For?

The page builder is for anyone (beginner – expert) who owns a business and needs a bigger flow of customers.

It can be an offline biz or an online one, it makes no difference.

So for example; if you’re the owner of a shop or mobile business, an eCommerce storefront owner or even if you’re an Affiliate/Network Marketer…

You can benefit from putting the software to use for your biz.


What Type of Training is Included?

Inside your dashboard area, Kyle walks yo through a number of step-by-step video tutorials on using his system.

He calls his training ’10 Minute Funnels University’.

  1. Welcome to ’10MF’ (7 minutes)
  2. Master The Funnel Builder (9.30 mins)
  3. Master The Page Builder (5.39  mins)
  4. Collecting Emails – How to Connect to an Email Marketing Provider (2.25 mins)
  5. Getting Paid – How to Connect Your Merchant Provider/Payment Gateway (3.28 mins)
  6. Launching Live – How to Connect Your Own Domain Name (3.47 mins)

Now I’m sure there’s also a video on split testing, but it seemed to have vanished into thin air when scrolling through the videos.

A tad annoying, to say the least lol.

More video tutorials are also available for advanced users.

In addition, there are mini tours to watch.

Overall, the training isn’t bad because I think Kyle pretty much covers all the basics and most of the features/elements.


What Page Building Features Are Available Inside 10 Minute Funnels?

First things first. You select the type of funnel that you wanna build.
10 Minute Funnels Templates
You can choose from the following styles:

  • Single page
  • Empty (build from scratch)
  • Lead
  • Sales
  • Upsell
  • Fulfilment
  • Event (basic)
  • Event (with replay)
  • Launch (video series)

Secondly, you choose a template theme to roll with.

Here are a few examples:
10 Minute Funnels Template Themes
When you’ve chosen your template, it’s time to customize it using the various building options available.

And when published, you can also attach your own domain name to the page instead of using the ’10MF’ default link created.

However, let’s say you choose to build a more advanced type of page such as an ’empty funnel from scratch’ – you have a number of awesome features at your disposal…

#1 Pages

PagesYou can create the style of page you want:

  • Blank
  • Content
  • Home
  • Launch
  • Lead Capture
  • Legal
  • Order Form
  • Sales
  • Special Offer (Upsell)
  • Thank You
  • Event (Webinar) Registration


#2 Page Add On’s

You can add a page called an “Opt-in Popup” that allows you to collect email addresses in a way that doesn’t annoy the hell out of your visitors.

When you connect a page to an opt-in popup and that page gets clicked, it basically opens up a window for folks to submit their info for joining your email newsletter subscriber list.

#3 Shopping Cart Pages

There are also numerous shopping carts available to add to your sales funnel for collecting money from your customers.

You have the option to use the following cart order forms:

  • ShoppingCart
  • Amazon
  • ClickBank
  • Infusionsoft
  • JVZoo
  • Nanacast
  • Paypal
  • SamCart
  • Shopify
  • Ultracart
  • Zaxaa
  • Or another cart


#4 Actions & Page Scripts

Actions and ScriptsYou also have the options to:

  • Create URL redirects
  • Connect a page to a page inside another funnel
  • Use the ‘Email Sequence’ to connect your Autoresponder
  • Use 3rd party tracking tools such as Google Analytics
  • Add a Retargeting script
  • Create a custom script (for advanced users only)
  • Add a one-click-upsell (Infusionsoft)


#5 Traffic Sources

’10MF’ allows you to track the performance of your campaigns by providing you with a unique link for each different traffic source you use.

You’ll be able to track your visitors from:

  • Facebook
  • Google Adwords
  • Email
  • Your blog
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Webinars
  • Affiliates
  • Organic
  • And other sources

So overall, there’s a stack of elements and tools at your disposal for creating a lucrative funnel.


Do You Get Help & Support From 10 Minute Funnels?

When it comes to support, ’10MF’ offers you various options:

  • A manual to download
  • A help desk for submitting a ticket
  • A knowledge base to browse
  • Video tutorials
  • Plus a private members’ Facebook community

So yeah, you’ve got a handful of options to pick from when/if you run into any obstacles.


How Much Does 10 Minute Funnels Cost?

Each price plan comes with a 14-day trial for just $1.

And then after that:

It’s $67/month or $57/month (billed yearly) for Standard membership or $167/month or $157/month (billed yearly) for the Premium plan.

But don’t also forget any additional costs for paid traffic strategies that you wish to learn and implement outside of ’10MF’.

Because the sales funnel route doesn’t always come cheap – especially if you’re not clued-up on generating organic traffic either.


PROS vs CONS of ‘1OMF’


  • $1 allows you to test drive it for 2 weeks
  • It’s quick and easy to build pages
  • Video training & heaps of support provided
  • All the tools you need for creating sales funnels
  • Split Testing is available
  • No technical skills are required
  • It’s suitable for newbies


  • The membership fees are pricey for noobs
  • You may need to watch the training a few times for the advanced stuff (if you’re a novice)
  • There’s no actual training on how to create profitable funnels#
  • It’s lacking advanced funnel-building aspects in some areas


Final Thoughts: Is 10 Minute Funnels Worth it?…

Working with the 10 Minute Funnels software is great fun, I must admit.

Because I was able to easily throw up a template page within a few minutes (even if it is pretty basic).

Overall, Kyle Graham has designed a great page builder for helping any newbie or professional to create profitable landing pages/sales funnels.

However, in my opinion, it’s not the most powerful and easiest platform in the world.

Because it does lack in some key areas – making the builder limited for those wishing to create more advanced funnels for their businesses.

Furthermore, while there are some tutorials on using the software…

There’s no actual training on how to create the best squeeze page layouts that are the most effective at converting visitors into leads and sales, in my opinion.

But by all means, put ’10MF’ to the test if you still think it has exactly what you need for growing your business because we all have different needs as biz owners, right?

Thanks for stopping by!

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ’10MF’ that you’d love to share, please drop your comments below…


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