Traffic Multiplier: Will You Bank 3 Figures Daily? [Reviewed]

A huge welcome to my unbiased review of Traffic Multiplier!

The question is, will this Clickbank product really deliver on its promises of making you 3 figures online on a daily basis or is it just all sizzle without the tasty ribeye steak, huh?

There’s only one way to find out…

Will You Make 3 Figures Daily With Traffic Multiplier - Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Traffic Multiplier (TM).


Cost: $17 + upsells.

Owner: Glynn Kosky.

My Score: 4/10.

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What’s Traffic Multiplier All About?

According to the sales page, ‘TM’ is an “all-in-one” automated profit system enabling you to pocket “$227 per day” from using 100% free tools.

I dunno about you, but I think it’s a pretty bold income claim to make – ESPECIALLY when there are no guarantees when it comes to turning a buck on the web.

Then when you hit the video play button, the spokesman states you need TWO things to profit with your online business: traffic and leads.

It’s how big companies like Amazon and Apple turn profits, and also how the likes of Frank Kern, Tail Lopez, and Russell Brunson have raked in 7 figures.

And this is what ‘TM’ revolves around – helping you to get prospects through the door and turning those leads into buyers using the concept of email marketing.

Apparently, you’ll be provided with an autoresponder, 3 push notification softwares, and page building software for creating your own offers and websites (worth $100s per month) ALL for $0 – turning your sales into 100% profits.
Traffic Multiplier Free Tool Claims
The video spokesman also claims the freebie tools do the same job (if not a better one) than the premium ones.


But these zero-cost tools seem questionable because everything has a price tag in the land of internet marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of freebie tools to get your hands on for starting out online. But a lot of them are too basic with limitations, which means you’ll need to splash out on advanced tools for the real results you need.

But I guess we’ll soon see…


How Does Traffic Multiplier Work For $?

‘TM’ is a simple 3-step process for raking in fully automated profits:

  1. Get Started – watch step-by-step videos for unlocking multiple softwares
  2. Generate Traffic – copy a bunch of proven traffic-generation methods
  3. Produce Long Term Profits – tap into various methods for maximizing your $

There’s also an optional step #4 for leveraging retargeting and traffic hacks.

Basically, you get everything thrown into the mix for running successful campaigns. So they say.

Here’s what ya get access to, once you’ve purchased the product:
Traffic Multiplier Members Training Area
Step-by-step ‘How To’ training broken up into 11 videos.

  • Introduction (13.42 mins)
  • Set Up Your WordPress Site (8.55 mins)
  • Create Your Intinital Page (22.34 mins)
  • Creating The Additional Pages Required (14.58 mins)
  • Set Up Browser Notifications (16.33 mins)
  • The Email Capture (13.34 mins)
  • Setting up The Facebook Pixel (5.48 mins)
  • Send Emails & Deliver Lead Magnets (12.29 mins)
  • Pushing Further Browser Notifications (3.43 mins)
  • Strategy (4.18 mins)
  • A Full Example (4.06 mins)

Then follows a free resources section (containing tools/services that aren’t all free, unfortunately).

  • Aweber autoresponder (free 30-day trial & then starts at $19/month)
  • Udimi solo ads provider (costing around $0.35 – $0.60 per click)
  • OneSignal browser notifications (free – $500/month)
  • Canva (free or pro for $12.95/month + costs of decent images)
  • Pexels (royalty free images)
  • Facebook Pixel Helper (download for free)
  • Buffer social media management platform (free 7 – 14 day trial & then starts at $15/month)
  • Ecom Funnels ($35 – $40)

So I think it’s fair to say this resources section is highly misleading, since there’s only a small handful of tools that are actually $0 to use.

And then there’s bonus training that covers:

  • Lead Magnet Ideas (17.32 mins)
  • How To Resize & Crop Images (3.47 mins)
  • Facebook Engagement Ads (6.25 mins)
  • Growth Hacking Ad (7.32 mins)
  • Traffic Ideas (8.24 mins)

Now, when it comes to the training on a whole, you’re gonna learn some good stuff on getting things set up.

But the biggest downside to it is that it’s no reflection of the “3 steps” advertised to you on the sales page.

First of all, the main training covers absolutely nothing on driving traffic to your website. The only traffic training on offer is inside the bonus section, which, to be honest, needs more depth.

Secondly, there are no money-making methods to tap into, which means you’re gonna have to do some snooping around the web to find your own golden opportunities.

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Thirdly, I wouldn’t exactly call the training “newbie friendly” either, because you must have some degree of internet marketing experience and a Biz in place before you get started, in my book.

Furthermore, as for using the push browser notification software for gathering email leads from your website, I’ve heard on the grapevine that numerous bloggers struggle like hell to generate leads using the strategy.

So it’s not as simple to rake in 3 figures on a daily basis with ‘TM’, as the sales page leads you to believe.

Plus, it’s gonna cost you an arm and a leg to actually get somewhere with ‘TM’, which leads to the next part…


What’s The Cost of Traffic Multiplier?

In addition to the $17 and also premium costs of the tools and services I’ve highlighted above (should you choose to invest in any of them), there are multiple optional upsells that come with ‘TM’:

  1. Gold: Done For You Funnel Campaigns = $27 – $67
  2. Platinum: Lead Magnet Library = $27 – $67
  3. Titanium: FB Pixel Tools & Training = $27 – $67
  4. License Rights = $197 – $297

Each offer basically comes with an extra dolloping of everything: better resources, training, and support options.

Also, you’ll need to fork out for a domain name which can cost around $15/month + webhosting for $25/month.

So really, it’s gonna set you back $100s to go “all in” with ‘TM’ – ESPECIALLY when you take the paid tools and solo ad traffic campaigns from Udimi into account.

Whatever happened to the word “FREE”?



PROS vs. CONS of ‘TM’


  • The initial fee is cheap as chips
  • Some good training videos provided
  • Offers a 30-day refund


  • It fails to deliver everything mentioned on the sales page & in the video
  • Makes hyped up income claims
  • Push notification software isn’t that effective
  • Most tools/services are far from free & can easily cost you $100s
  • You’ll need to buy the upsells for any real shot at success
  • It’s not a newbie friendly method, in my opinion


Final Take: Is Traffic Multiplier a Scam?

A Big Thumbs UpFrom my perspective, it’s a totally legit product.

$17 is worth the cost of the training because you’ll get some good insights into various internet marketing strategies (in my opinion).

So ‘TM’ definitely gets a big thumbs up in that respect.

But with that said, ‘TM’ seriously falls short in numerous areas, like misleading you with hyped up income claims, failing to deliver 100% on its promises, pulling the wool over your eyes with the whole “free tool” thing, and not disclosing the FULL costs involved.

Put simply, Glynn Kosky gets your hopes up from the get-go, and then bursts your bubble once you make a purchase and take the plunge with ‘TM’.

So what now, huh?…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to share on ‘TM’, we’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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