Is Compoundly Really a PROVEN 3-Figure Method? [Review]

Howdy, I appreciate you landing on my unbiased review of Compoundly (CP)!

Before we get right into things.

I’d like to point out that not all reviews of this product are trustworthy.

Because, they’re by affiliates practicing the concept of “launch jacking” – basically, putting THEIR pockets first.

So as “NON-affiliate” of ‘CP’, I’m gonna share my brutally honest take – helping you make an informed buying decision.

Sound good to you?

Cool, then let’s crack on…

Is Compoundly Really a Proven 3 Figure Method - Review
Quick Overview

Name: Compoundly.


Cost: $12.95 (at the time of writing) + upsells.

Owners: Paul Nicholls & Anthony Mancuso.

My Score: 3/10.

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What’s Compoundly All About, Huh?

According to Paul and Anthony (both 6-figure earners).

‘CP’ is a 100% beginner-friendly and PROVEN way to generate fast cash online in any niche of your choosing.

You can hit the ground running and start profiting in the next 24 hours or less from the power of free traffic.

And then rake in 3-figure paydays from just 30 minutes of work on a daily basis.

The duo claims this same approach has worked like a real charm for them over the last couple of years and even show you some proof of $100s.
Compoundly Income Proof Snapshots
But like most of these products I come across sold through WarriorPlus, ‘CP’ seems a little “too good to be true”.

“How so, Neil?”…

For starters, no marketer on planet earth can promise you’ll turn a buck inside a 24-hour window because there are too many moving parts involved.

Even, the type of niche you’re involved in plays a role in the time-frame of your success because some niche markets are way more competitive than others.

Secondly, the “free” traffic route can take months (even years) to really pay off.

Whether, you’re using social media or practicing the art of blogging and vlogging, etc, for organic search engine traffic.

Furthermore, I assure you that it’s gonna require a lot longer than 30 minutes of your time each day to earn a full-time income.

UNLESS you’re already some sort of internet marketing super star DJ.

So does that mean Paul and Anthony are full of it or have they really stumbled upon some easy as pie magic type of money-making system?

I seriously have my doubts.

But I guess all is about to be revealed…


How Does Compoundly Work For $?

Once you’ve purchased the product, you’ll gain access to a dashboard area consisting of a bunch of training video tutorials.
Compoundly Members Training Dashboard
The videos cover the following topics:

  • Welcome (Watch Me First) (2.50 mins)
  • Introduction (7.54 mins)
  • The Sales Machine (32.21 mins)
  • The Marketers Tool Belt (13.35 mins)
  • Connecting The Dots (20.53 mins)
  • Proven Process (31.05 mins)
  • Structure (33.51 mins)
  • Selecting Your Offers (20.05 mins)
  • Traffic Secrets (47.23 mins)
  • Free Method (11.02 mins)
  • Overview (19.02 mins)

Put simply, the training covers the concept of blogging, choosing affiliate products to promote, and then driving traffic to your blog.

But don’t get your hopes up because the training lacks depth.

Since there’s no step-by-step guidance on getting a free blog up and running, adding the important blog pages, and generally being a successful blogger.

Blogging requires REAL skills, work ethic, time, patience, and an iron mindset to go hand-in-hand with those aspects.

(Which are all covered in Ian Pribyl’s ‘From Nothing’ here).

Sadly, ‘CP’ seriously falls short when it comes to those all-important aspects.


What it Really Takes For Online Success…

To build a highly profitable blog, ESPECIALLY when it comes to generating free traffic from Google.

Is gonna require 10 – 20 hours (at least) of your time on a weekly basis.

And it’s gonna take at least 12 – 20+ months (depending on your niche selection) of consistent elbow grease until you start seeing the big bucks.

The same also applies to social media and any other free traffic methods.

You need to spend hours blogging and promoting across various channels each week.

It’s impossible to start raking in 3 figures from day 1, whatever the free strategy.

So for Paul and Anthony to claim their system only takes “30 minutes of work daily“, is “newbie-friendly“, and will make you “$ in 24 hours“… 

Is nothing but a crock of sh*t.

I’m a blogger, I should know. 😛

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At the end of the day, it would seem both Paul and Anthony have got their wires crossed.

Because, what they teach certainly doesn’t live up to the hype that’s advertised on the ‘CP’ sales page.


What’s The Cost of Compoundly?

The basic cost of ‘CP’ is $12.95.

But as with all WarriorPlus products, there are additional upsells to splash out on (if you choose to), which include:

  • Done For You Pack = $17 – $27
  • Advanced Training = $17 – $37
  • License Rights = $47 – $97

The prices aren’t bad, I suppose.

But then again, if the cheap upsells are gonna be as bad as the basic training, are they really worth the investment, that’s the question?



PROS vs. CONS of ‘CP’


  • The product costs less than 13 bucks
  • Offers a 30-day refund
  • Blogging & affiliate marketing are legitimate models


  • The sales page/video contains hype, income & time-frame lies
  • Sales page also fails to specify your money-making tasks
  • The basic training is inadequate for any real success
  • It’s far from a newbie-friendly method
  • There are upsells to purchase


Final Take: Is Compoundly a Scam?

A Big Thumbs Down‘CP’ is legit, since you are getting something for your money.

But considering the sales page pulls the wool over your eyes with exaggerated income claims and deception, in general.

And the fact that the training makes it difficult for a “newbie” to get an online Biz started – then it may as well be a scam, in my book.

As I’ve already pointed out, blogging and affiliate marketing are no walk in the park. 

Because, there are numerous moving parts to take into account.

The bottom line:

‘CP’ is a p*ss poor product walking beginners down the garden path. So on that note, I don’t recommend it.

So what the heck now?…

If you’re after a real PROVEN way of making sustainable money as a blogger + affiliate marketer.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘CP’? We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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