My Freelance Paycheck: But Does it REALLY Pay? [Review]

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OK, so you’ve come into contact with My Freelance Paycheck and you’re wondering how this thing works, right?

But more importantly, you wanna know whether it’s nothing but a blatant scam that’s gonna leave a hole in your pocket or a legitimate money-maker that delivers the goods, right?

Then you’re in the right place for all the truthful answers you need!

Come take a walk with me and I’ll explain the ins and outs before you decide to invest your hard-earned cash…

Does My Freelance Paycheck Really Pay Review
Quick Overview:

Name: My Freelance Paycheck (MFP).


Cost: $47 + $37/monthly.

Owner: Laura Pennington.

My Score: 6/10.

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What’s My Freelance Paycheck All About?

In a nutshell, ‘MFP’ teaches you how to be a Freelancer – writing content for others from the comfort of your home and getting paid for it.

However, the only problem with the opportunity’s sales page is that the video is hyped up and a teeny weeny deceptive, in my book.

Once you get into the sales video, Laura Pennington tells you stuff like:

You’ve just stumbled upon a secret that takes regular folks to $1K – $3K per month“.

In as little as 1-hour per day or just a few hours on the weekend, you can enjoy $250+“.

Some Phil guy made enough to cover his rent, and plenty more, in his first month alone – by typing simple words into his computer“.

Here’s another example:
My Freelance Paycheck Income Hype
OK, you’ve probably heard much worse garbage talk from scams lol, but earning an income on the web really ISN’T as easy as Laura claims.

Unfortunately, she sugar coats the process to make it sound almost TOO easy.

Don’t get me wrong, it IS possible to make a few grand per month from the internet.

But in order to bring home the bacon, you’ll need to work extremely hard for at least a few hours per day, especially as a Freelance writer or blogger.

Secondly, being a Freelance writer is a skill that takes time to learn and get pretty good at IF other business owners are to hire your services.

And thirdly, I wouldn’t exactly call Freelancing a “secret” either because it’s been knocking around for a long time and plenty of folks are doing it.

Simply head over to to see for yourself.

The truth be told, there are no secret money methods when it comes to the online space. The only reason you’re led to believe this is to get you all excited over the idea so you purchase the ‘MFP’ product.

So with all that said, is ‘MFP’ really a program you can trust or is it just one big joke that’s gonna shatter your dreams of financial freedom?

I guess you’re about to find out, buddy!…


What Does My Freelance Paycheck Actually Deliver?

Once you’ve handed over 47 US dollars to Laura, she gives you access to a 156-page eBook.

Inside the eBook/PDF, you’re gonna learn what it takes to get started with freelancing: How to set up your profiles and find the right tools for the job, etc.

And you’re also gonna be taught stuff on finding the correct platforms for getting yourself out there as a professional freelancer and effectively attracting clients, etc.

Basically, everything you need to learn about setting up shop and building a successful Biz online as a freelancer is included inside the eBook.

In addition to the PDF, you’ll gain access to:

  • MFP’ Audio Book
  • 23 ‘MFP’ On Demand Video Trainings  – where Laura gives you the inside scoop on her Biz
  • Upwork Quickstart Guide PDF
  • Success Multipliers PDF – where 5 experts share their secrets (25 of them, to be exact)

Plus on top of what I’ve outlined, you get a BONUS chapter consisting of ‘5 Common Mistakes of Freelance Writers‘ and also ‘Freelance Project Response Templates‘ for connecting with your clients on a professional level.

All in all, I think Laura has done a pretty sweet job of delivering heaps of value that can certainly put you on the right path to making money from writing on the internet.

But it still doesn’t excuse the fact that she hypes up her program from the get-go.


2 Things That Totally *GASP* Shocked me!

First of all, ‘MFP’ is sold via the Clickbank marketplace which is notorious for trash like 30 Minute Money Methods, 60 Minute Profit Plan, and Easy Retired Millionaire, to name a few deceptive products in the “Make Money Online” arena.


But what really shocked me is that ‘MFP’ is one of the LEAST scammiest Clickbank products I’ve come across – meaning it’s not as hyped up!

Add to the fact that ‘MFP’ ACTUALLY delivers a product of value that matches up to the contents of the sales video – unlike countless “get-rich-quick” garbage on Clickbank.

Secondly, “Laura Pennington” is the REAL McCoy!

Laura Pennington From My Freelance Paycheck

Laura Pennington from My Freelance Paycheck.

Laura Pennington From The Six Figure Writing Secrets

Laura Pennington from

Check out Laura’s website (Six Figure Writing Secrets) to see she’s no fake Barbie doll!

The reason why this is such a shocker is that the majority of folks who create scammy “MMO” products for sale via Clickbank tend to hide their true identities and use “fictitious characters” to fool you.

So it’s so refreshing to see Laura fronting her own product and not hiding behind a computer screen like some coward.

Hats off to the young lady! 😉

Let’s hope more Clickbank product creators will follow her example.

But I wouldn’t hold ya breath!


Final Thoughts: Is My Freelance Paycheck a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs UpBesides Internet Jetset, ‘MFP’ is one of the very few Clickbank products within the money-making niche that I actually DO recommend.

So it gets a HUGE thumb’s up!

Yes, ‘MFP’ has its faults, mainly when Laura tries to sugar coat her product right off the bat – giving you a false impression that earning a fortune on the interweb is a piece of lemon drizzle cake, when it’s far from it.

But overall, I think Laura gives you a tremendous amount of value for starting off on the right foot as a freelancer, despite there being a monthly charge of $37 on top of the original $47 purchase of ‘MFP’.

However, there is one thing I’ll say about “Freelance writing”, and that it’s not for everyone because it’s a skilled process that takes a while to learn and become awesome at.

Even when you do learn the ropes and practice writing in order to become a pro, it’s still gonna take time to build up your portfolio so you can get customers and also stand out from your competitors’.

So YES, the opportunity’s definitely there for you to cash in from freelancing.

But just don’t expect to rake in the big bucks as quickly and easily as it sounds in Laura’s sales pitch.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Whether you’re a newbie or even experienced writer wanting to turn your passion into a FULL-TIME income online, then Affiliate Marketing and Blogging are the best ways to go…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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