Expert Secrets Book Review: (Is The Freebie Worth it?)

Welcome to my juicy review of Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets book!

So, I guess you’re wondering what kinda ground-breaking information is inside the book…

That can help you become super profitable in the online space, huh?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by getting stuck into THIS review…

Expert Secrets Review
Quick Overview

Book: Expert Secrets (ES).

Cost: Free + $7.95 shipping.

Author: Russell Brunson.

My Verdict: Russell really does go above and beyond…

Delivering phenomenal value for helping you to become a highly successful online or offline Entrepreneur, whatever your type of business.

Inside the paperback book, Mr. Brunson certainly leaves no stone unturned.

In my opinion, It’s a must read for any type of business owner who’s interested in using sales funnels to grow their Biz.


What is Expert Secrets All About?

From the author of Dotcom Secrets and also the founder of ClickFunnels – comes the new Expert Secrets book at no cost.

Yep, Russell Brunson is giving away his book as a freebie.

Russell considers his book as “The Underground Playbook” for creating mass movement of people who will pay for your advice…

From my perspective, ‘ES’ is designed as a step-by-step blueprint.

One, that combines powerful “golden nugget” info and cool diagrams for creating a sustainable long-term business using the power of the internet.

Having already followed some top-quality training provided by Mr. Brunson, he’s certainly an Entrepreneur you can trust.

Because he provides you with a TON of value for generating a profit!


What’s The Story Behind Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson The Founder of ClickFunnels

Say Hello to Russell!

In addition to being the face of ClickFunnels and also the writer of Dotcom Secrets…

Mr. Brunson (the sales funnel expert) has released a number of invaluable training products…

Russell Brunson started up his own product and service business back in his college days as a wrestler at Boise State university.

Within just 12 months of graduating from uni, he generated over $1 MILLION in sales from the basement of his home.

Over the last decade, Russell has built up a MASSIVE following, sold 100,000’s of copies of his books, and also helped 10,000’s of folks to become successful.

Not just from his products, but also from his live training events.

Brunson is respected by many marketers and also big names such as Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki.


Who is Expert Secrets Intended For?

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to start an online/offline business or you already own one…

Expert Secrets will provide you with all the knowledge you need when it comes to building a huge audience of people who will follow you.

To be more specific:

Whether your chosen path is blogging, Affiliate Marketing, MLM or even if you prefer the more traditional ‘brick and mortar’ business route…

Russell shares the key principles for creating a successful empire in this day and age.

Heck, even your Grandpa could grab a copy!

It’s for anyone who loves the idea of making a lot of money from sharing REAL value with others.


The Expert Secrets Book Contents at a Glance

Inside Russell’s new publication, there are 5 sections consisting of 22 special secrets that many business owners are still yet to discover.

But Shhh! 😉

These sections and secrets include:


Section One: Creating Your Mass Movement

  • The Charismatic Leader/Attractive Character
  • The Cause
  • New Opportunity
  • Opportunity Switch


Section Two: Creating Belief

  • The Big Domino
  • The Epiphany Bridge
  • Hero’s Two Journeys
  • Epiphany Bridge Script
  • False Belief Patterns
  • The 3 Secrets


Section Three: Your Moral Obligation

  • The Stack Slide
  • Perfect Webinar
  • The One Thing
  • Breaking and Rebuilding Belief Patterns
  • The Stack
  • Trial Closes


Section Four: The Funnels

  • The Perfect Webinar Model
  • The 4-Question Close (For High-Ticket Offers)
  • Perfect Webinar Hack
  • Email Epiphany Funnels
  • Epiphany Product Launch Funnels


Section Five: What’s Next?

  • Fill Your Funnel

But HOW and with WHAT, you ask?

Hmm, you’ll find out…


Summary of The First 4 Expert Secrets (Chapters)

I’m not gonna go into great detail on the secrets because where the heck is the fun in spilling all the beans, huh?


#1 The Charismatic Leader/Attractive Character

Russell speaks to you about personal growth and development.

And how you can move forwards as a leader/expert by sharing your passions and gifts with other people.

He goes into great depth with this topic, showing you the 3 markets (Wealth, Health, and Relationships).

Helping you to choose the core market that you fit into, and really digging down deep to create your specific niche.


#2 The Cause

For a mass movement of peeps, you, as a leader, must focus on creating your own “culture”.

Russell discusses the subject of taking your own messages to the masses.

And helping folks to reach higher ground by painting a vision of the future they desire in life.


#3  The New Opportunity

This is considered as ‘The Vehicle of Change’ – the final piece of the puzzle for creating your movement of followers.

Russell talks about how the successful mass movements in the past boiled down to leaders offering “new opportunities”.

You will learn how to create a new opportunity as opposed to attempting to fix something that’s broken.


#4 The Opportunity Switch

This chapter teaches you how to make money for yourself by working for free and helping people to get the results they want.

Basically, you put others first.

Russell explains about:

  • Getting early results from unpaid work
  • Designing the vehicle (Your New Opportunity)
  • And giving folks what they really want (The Ask Campaign).

But I’m not going to go into too much detail because why spoil the fun, huh? 😉


Is Brunson’s Expert Secrets Book Really “Free”?

YEP, Russell’s ‘ES’ is a 100% free book!

The only catch is that you must cover the $7.95 postage fee. It’s as simple as that.

The book is also available to buy on Amazon, but you’re looking at a cost of around $15 to $20 plus a small shipping fee.

So just by grabbing your free copy of the book through this review, you’ll be saving a few extra dollars.

Use the savings for treating yourself to a Starbucks or a Dunkin’ Donuts. 😉

However, there are gonna be some upsells.

But before throwing a tantrum and sputting your dummy out LOL….

They are entirely “optional” – so don’t feel like you’re obligated to spend more cash UNLESS you think they will benefit you and your Biz.

These One-Time Offers are as follows:

  • The Black Box = $37
  • Storytelling Secrets = $37
  • Audio Books = $47
  • Expert Evolution = $197
  • Funnel Builder Secrets = $1,997

All of these products go hand-in-hand with creating a powerful Biz on the web using sales funnels.

But as I said, it’s your call, at the end of the day.


Final Conclusion: Is Expert Secrets Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs UpJust from reading 63 pages (the first 4 chapters) of Expert Secrets…

Russell Brunson really does bend over backwards for you because he discusses the secret topics in amazing detail, leaving nothing missed out.

Each chapter is broken down for you into a step-by-step blueprint for creating a profitable business, whether online or even offline.

With an absolute ton of invaluable information from Brunson – the ‘ES’ book should be sold for a LOT of money, in my opinion.

The bottom line

If you want to learn some phenomenal secrets for building a following and a creating a highly successful business that’s profitable for a very long time…

You would be bonkers not to bite Russell’s arm off for his ‘ES’ book!

Wishing you success with your business venture…

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or feedback that you’d love to share with us on Brunson’s book, please drop your thoughts below…


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