The Lost Code: What Secrets Are Revealed? [Reviewed]

Thanks for swinging by my review of The Lost Code!

Now, before you assume it has some kinda connection to The Davinci Code or Pirates of The Caribbean movies, or even The Secret Law of Attraction…

Then you’re mistaken. 😛

However, there is a reference to a chest of treasures (which I’ll be explaining inside this honest and unbiased review from a NON-Launch Jacker – ME!).

If you wanna know whether the money-making opportunity will leave you lost at sea without a nickel to your name.

Or REALLY will stuff a bunch of dollars in your pockets, then continue reading…

The Lost Code Review
Quick Overview:

Name: The Lost Code (TLC).


Cost: $12.95 + $1,000s in Upsells.

Owners: Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong.

My Score: 5/10.


Put simply, The Lost Code revolves around the idea of making money with affiliate marketing.

Where Mace and Armstrong provide you with a bunch of training video tutorials on 4 different methods you can leverage for the $:

  1. Money Pages
  2. Audition Money Method
  3. Little Promos
  4. High-Ticket Webinars

In addition, the guys provide you with various tutorials on driving free and paid traffic to your campaigns.

But, in my opinion, the training on a whole is more for those with some level of experience already under their belt.

Because the tutorials don’t go deep enough into the rabbit hole to help newbies get up and running step-by-step.

This means newbies are left scratching their heads… meaning, they have to go elsewhere for in-depth stuff OR buy the upsells.

But then again, what do you expect from a 13-dollar WarriorPlus product, huh? LOL

But before taking the plunge.

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What’s The Lost Code All About, Huh?

The Lost Code claims you can “turn $13 into $4,762.73 PER WEEK” using an UNSEEN BRAND NEW method!

The sales page also states it’s 100% newbie-friendly, no websites or tech stuff required…

And also an easy-to-do method that takes just 15 – 20 mins for free traffic on demand.

And as for the whole treasure chest thing…
Treasure Chest
It’s used as a symbol on the sales page to represent just how EASY it is to make money online today using ‘TLC’.

I guess if you believe all that baloney, then you’ll probably believe in Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell too lol.

In my experience, there’s no quick and easy route to making a boatload of cash on the web, no matter what marketing strategy you decide to use.

Even if the campaigns are ‘Done-For-You’, it’s still gonna take time, effort & $ to drive traffic and see affiliate commissions come pouring in.

So where does this leave ‘TLC’, huh?

I guess we’ll see…


The Lost Code Hidden Chest Treasures Revealed…

When you get access to the basic $13 version, you’ll get numerous video training modules that walk you through the steps to making money with the system.
The Lost Code Members Area
Firstly, in addition to the welcome and overview videos, you’ll discover the 4 secret methods for big bucks from selling high-ticket products:

  1. Lost Code Money Pages
  2. Audition Money Method
  3. Simple Little Promos
  4. Your Very Own Webinars


In these videos, you’ll learn stuff on:

How to sell costly products using scarcity, using the psychological trigger strategy, creating reviews with bonuses, and promoting webinars for mega affiliate commissions.

And then it’s on to using YouTube for generating free traffic, buying cheap traffic from Bing, 3 underground traffic sources (that cover Influencer Marketing), and email list building.

In my opinion, the guys have done a pretty good job of delivering value through their video modules.

They are certainly VERY successful Internet and Affiliate Marketers who seriously know a thing or two about crushing it online.

But I think “newbies” will struggle with some aspects of the ‘TLC’ training.

Because it’s a little too basic and doesn’t paint the whole picture when it comes to the strategies taught.

There needs to be more meat on the bone. More OOMPH! 

Plus I don’t like the fact that some videos push you into spending extra cash on the upsells.

Which, unfortunately, will be a requirement if noobs really wanna hit the ball out of the park and earn a full-time living with ‘TLC’.

And I’m sure you’ll also agree that almost $3K for getting starting on the right foot ISN’T exactly a drop in the ocean for most beginners.


What’s The Real Cost of The Lost Code?

So after the $13 transaction to join ‘TLC’, you’re immediately walked through a series of optional Upsells.

These upgrades include:

  1. ‘Done-For-You’ products = $37
  2. Limitless Traffic = $197
  3. 52-Week Coaching Program = $397
  4. Lifetime Campaigns = $197
  5. Resell Rights = $97
  6. One-on-One Coaching With Brendan = $2,000!

So right off the bat, it’s transparent that it’s gonna cost you MUCH more than a single “$12.95” payment to go “all in” with ‘TLC’ for success.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against product owners using “sales funnels” for offering folks like you more value to increase their revenue.

But it’s the “$4K/weekly from $13 promise” way in which both Mace and Armstrong do it, that really gets on my wick.


In fact, Mace has pulled the same stunt with other hyped up products he’s created.

Like, Five Figure Freedom and Zero Hour Work Days, to name a couple.

Why he can’t be upfront with you from the get-go, I’ve no idea!

If you’re unfamiliar with sales funnels:

There’s a free Affiliate Bootcamp which shows you how to build profitable funnels as a ClickFunnels affiliate.


Final Thoughts: Is The Lost Code a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs UpWithout question, The Lost Code is definitely a legitimate training platform that I DO recommend.

But only to “seasoned marketers”, in all honesty.

Don’t get me wrong, newbies can pick up some great strategies from both Brendan and Jono.

But ‘TLC’ is far from a “newbie-friendly” program.

Because beginners are gonna struggle like hell to implement some concepts since not all training is in-depth and straightforward.

So as for the “easy money-making” part, it’s not entirely true, I’m afraid.

And if you’re ever gonna succeed at turning $13 into almost $5K per week as a newbie…

You’ll need to fork out nearly a few thousand dollars to go “all in” with ‘TLC’ and invest plenty of time and effort on top of that.

The Bottom Line: While Mace and Armstrong are highly successful webpreneurs…

I feel that their product is hyped up and what they teach is geared more towards marketers who already have some level of experience.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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